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What types of medical conditions qualify for Best Doctors?

Best Doctors provides services for a wide range of medical conditions. They can include everything from back pain and sports injuries to chronic diseases and life-threatening illnesses. However, Best Doctors does not provide emergency services or services for mental health disorders.

Do I have to travel or collect my own medical records?

No, all you have to do is make a confidential call to Best Doctors and they’ll handle everything for you. As all your contact with Best Doctors will be over the phone or the Internet, you do not need to travel, visit doctors’ offices or contact your doctor(s) to obtain records, images or other information related to your medical case.

Does Best Doctors share information about my case?

Best Doctors is 100% confidential. They will not tell CBHS about your call or its contents. The Best Doctors expert’s report is shared with your treating doctor(s) and with CBHS only with your written consent.

Who are the doctors Best Doctors uses?

Best Doctors physicians include the world’s top medical specialists. They are selected by other doctors through a comprehensive review process. Best Doctors surveys doctors to find out which doctors they trust most. Every doctor in the survey is asked, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in a certain specialty, who would you choose?” Doctors cannot pay to be included on the Best Doctors list or nominate themselves for consideration.

Do I have to follow Best Doctors’ recommendations?

No. You remain in full control of your healthcare decision-making. The information you receive from Best Doctors is intended to help you make informed decisions regarding your diagnosis and/or treatment plan, and only you can decide whether you want to share the report with your treating doctor or not. Best Doctors will not share your report with your doctor unless you authorise it.

How will Best Doctors work with my treating doctor?

Best Doctors shares its expert’s findings with you first — and only with you. Then Best Doctors will share the expert’s report with your treating doctor once they have received your authorisation. They will not share the report without your consent. The goal of Best Doctors is to provide useful information so that you and your doctor can make more informed decisions together regarding your treatment.

Most doctors find that collaboration with other experts is very helpful, especially in complex situations. Best Doctors enables doctors to collaborate in a new way.

Isn’t asking for a second opinion from Best Doctors insulting to my doctor?

Not at all. Treating doctors who have worked with Best Doctors appreciate having access to respected experts in their field of practice. They also gain access to information regarding innovative diagnostic and treatment protocols that might not be available yet in their local communities.

How will Best Doctors maintain my privacy?

Best Doctors complies with all relevant state and national laws and regulations related to patient privacy. Unless required by law, your specific name and medical information will NOT be shared with anyone, including CBHS or treating doctor, without your written consent. On occasion, de-identified information may be used to help improve the Best Doctors program.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Best Doctors?

You’re eligible for Best Doctors if you are covered by a CBHS Prestige policy.

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