Are you eligible for CBHS Health Cover?

CBHS is a restricted health fund, exclusive to current and former employees of the Commonwealth Bank Group (CBA Group), employees of CBA Group contractors and their families.

You're eligible to join CBHS if you are...

CBA Group Employees


A current or former employee of:

• the CBA Group (including current and former subsidiaries)
• a CBA Group franchisee
• a CBA Group contractor





And their extended family


An extended family member of a CBA Group employee, or any person that was a CBHS member on or after 27 March 2017 (or a main member of CBHS before 27 March 2017). This includes your:

• Parents
• Siblings (and their partners)
• Partner (including former partners)
• Children
• Grandchildren

What companies are part of CBA Group?



...and more, past and present

Including Colonial Limited, Colonial First State, Commonwealth Securities (CommSec), Gateway Credit Union, Finance Sector Union, Avanteos, ComputerFleet, Financial Wisdom, Colonial First State Property Management, Homepath, and Count Financial.

And remember, you could have been a contractor serving one of these companies in the past and still be eligible to join.




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If you’re not eligible for CBHS Health Fund, check out our sister fund CBHS Corporate Health.

CBHS Corporate Health brings you the same award-winning service and expert health cover and is open to everyone.

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