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  • Woman using the CBHS app

    Here’s what you need to know about your waiting periods

    A health insurance waiting period is the initial phase of your membership, during which no benefit is payable for certain procedures or services. Waiting periods can also apply to any additional benefits gained when you change your policy.
    • Membership
    27 July 2018
  • Health alternatives to salt

    Healthy alternatives to salt | A guide to spices and their complementary dishes

    Truly dazzling your family, friends and co-workers with flavour takes a little bit of knowledge and a lot of experimentation with a range of spices and herbs. Here’s what you can find to take your food to the next level:
    • Nutrition
    27 July 2018
  • Gojuchang and kimchi pork stir fry

    Gojuchang and kimchi pork stir fry

    We decided to take full advantage of this protein-rich, low-cholesterol meat and turn it into a winter scorcher. Be warned: This recipe packs a hell of a chilli kick.
    • Nutrition
    27 July 2018
  • lkigai

    Ikigai | How finding purpose increases your lifespan

    Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning ‘reason for being’. The principle behind the term is ‘what I live for’, or ‘what makes living worthwhile’.It is the philosophy of purpose.
    • Wellbeing
    27 July 2018