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  • Student Dependent

    Renewing the status of your Student Dependant

    Renew the status of your Student Dependant by 1st March 2017 to ensure they don't lose their health coverage.
    • Membership
    10 January 2018
  • Asbestos and Mesothelioma

    Asbestos and Mesothelioma in Australia | How to keep safe

    Daily life can be filled with so many interactions with environmental toxins, from air pollution to substances used in manufactured items we encounter daily. Exposure to these substances can over time lead to harmful effects on health.
    • Wellbeing
    28 December 2017
  • Healthy teeth and gums

    Four simple steps to healthier teeth and gums

    Keeping your dental health in tip top shape doesn’t have to mean expensive electric toothbrushes and hours at the bathroom sink each day. Follow our four simple steps to healthier gums and teeth for 2018!
    • Wellbeing
    28 December 2017
  • How to lose weight

    How to lose weight | CBHS Health Fund

    Ditch your diet - to lose weight, you have to rethink your approach to eating. Discover and exploit your motivation to eat better, and learn the difference between a nutritious calorie and an empty calorie.
    • Nutrition
    28 December 2017