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Great ways to keep your kids entertained over Easter

19 May, 2014

Easter will soon be upon us, and while that means lots of yummy chocolate, it also means school holidays. In order to keep kids entertained, some careful planning and a few fun ideas are a must. The good news is, Easter lends hundreds of ideas for arts and crafts and fun-filled family activities:


Decorative blown eggs

An old Easter tradition is the decorating of eggs, and to avoid eggs rotting you will need to remove the contents using a ‘blowing’ technique. At the base of the egg, pierce a tiny hole using a long needle or skewer. Be gentle as you do this to avoid the shell from cracking. Repeat at the other end and then - using the skewer - jiggle the contents inside to break up the yolk. Using your mouth, gently blow into the egg while leaning over a bowl. It should take roughly six blows to remove the contents. Once removed, place one finger over a hole and pour a small amount of water into the other. Swirl the water around the egg and then blow again to remove.

Once dry, your eggs are ready for decorating. Try using alphabet stickers to spell out names, paints to create pattern or coloured pens for drawing.


Easter window decorations

Kids love to show off their artwork, and windows make a perfect display area. Using plain white cardboard and coloured cellophane, kids can create beautiful stained glass Easter eggs that will stream rainbows of colour through your windows. To make, fold over a piece of cardboard and cut out an egg shape. Keeping the egg folded, create cut outs and patterns using a scalpel or craft punch. Open the egg up like a book, and then with the cellophane cut out strips of varying colours and lay them over one half of the egg. Cover the other half with glue and then press the two halves together. Trim any overhanging cellophane and then attach to the window.


Easter picnic

A picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the Easter long weekend when the weather is nice, and with the inclusion of a few games your kids won’t be able to contain their excitement. Try racing hard-boiled eggs by rolling them down a hill, create an Easter egg hunt or collect items for a nature collage. If you don’t mind someone getting messy, make a game of catch using eggs. Hard boil all but one and see whose egg goes splat!


Personalised Easter hunt buckets

To make collecting loot more interesting, try creating personalised pails ideal for collecting eggs come Easter Sunday. Simply paint a metal bucket (available from Spotlight or Bunnings) with water-based acrylic chalkboard paint and, using liquid chalk or a thin white-ink pen, ask your child to write their name. They can further personalise it with decorative patterns, eggs or flowers.



Easter is a time to get all the family together for a delicious home-cooked meal and what better way to welcome them than with beautiful handmade placemats? Cut a large piece of cardboard into an egg shape, ensuring it is big enough to hold a dinner plate. Repeat this for every dinner guest. Ask the kids to cut various strips and shapes of coloured paper and glue them onto the cardboard. Scatter each placemat with glitter and then cover with clear contact paper, smoothing out any lumps and bumps. For added effect, use colours to match your décor theme. 


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