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Getting glasses for the first time

05 October, 2014

Whether you’re an executive in a high-powered role or a pre-school student, being told that you have to wear glasses can often disrupt a person’s sense of self. This may sound a tad hyperbolic, and it may not seem like a big life event in the scheme of things, however being told that you have to wear glasses means that you have lost one of the most important aspects of human interaction – even if it’s only marginally.

For those who don’t wear glasses, it may seem like a great excuse to update a hairstyle. They may be more focused on the latest offerings from designer labels and continually make jokes about how “intellectual” it makes you look.

For first-time wearers these spectacles are not just a spectacle - they are integral to your day-to-day functionality. Perhaps you are unable to read a restaurant’s menu, an important email on your phone or a street sign without them. And it’s this very realisation that you have forever lost something as crucial as your vision that can be the real kicker.

So it’s only natural to feel a little put out. But this may be the perfect time to take stock of what this event means for you. It’s quite humbling to realise that we’re not invincible. As we get older our body breaks down now and then, and things we took for granted like perfect sight is only temporary.

Rather than view these changes as negative, you may want to turn it on its head and feel grateful for your otherwise good health – and how clear the world has become!

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