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Re-serving wait periods when switching

05 October, 2014

Switch to CBHS and we will honour all waiting periods you have already served with your current fund, so why not join the health fund that puts you first – and pay less for your health cover!

CBHS Health Fund is run exclusively for you, because we cover only CBA Group current and former employees, and their eligible family.

Our not-for-profit status combined with our focus on keeping admin costs as low as possible, helps us to give you the best benefits for the lowest cost.

Don’t you deserve that?

Many people ask us – but won’t I have to re-serve waiting periods?

The most common answer to this question is no.

When do I need to re-serve waiting periods?

Waiting periods apply to those who are new to private health insurance or those who are already members of the CBHS family - or another fund - and choose to upgrade to a higher level of cover.

Parts of waiting periods served within one health fund can be completed in another when a person transfers funds. If you upgrade your level of cover, waiting periods may apply to benefits not previously included within your original cover.

Switching between funds

Clearance Certificates (CC) are used when consumers move to a new health insurance provider. The CC allows the insurer to find out the previous level of cover held and whether or not the Lifetime Health Cover loading applies. This means the consumer can avoid having to re-serve waiting periods, which is a legal right.

The CC will include information on type of cover, level of cover, join dates, cancellation dates, Your Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) Certified Age of Entry, recent claims, days without cover and persons covered.

Hospital waiting periods

Waiting periods apply to all levels of Hospital Cover and Package Cover and are listed in the table below.

All waiting periods displayed are in calendar months.

Extras waiting periods

Waiting periods apply to all levels of Extras Cover and Package Cover and are listed in the table below.

For more information on waiting periods, please refer to the Health Benefit Fund Rules.

* Accidents mean injuries inflicted as a result of unintentional, unexpected actions or events that require treatment by a registered practitioner, but excludes pregnancy.

** Pre-existing conditions includes wisdom teeth extractions as an admitted patient in hospital

^ Other treatments include psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care as an admitted patient in hospital

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