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Top 10 fitness gadgets

05 October, 2014

If you’re serious about your exercise and like to keep track of your personal fitness levels and progress, here are the predicted top 10 fitness gadgets and matching free apps for this year. 

1.      Adidas miCoach Speed Cell plus the free miCoach app 

This little 10g, battery-operated unit is designed to fit onto a pair of Adidas trainers (or it can be clipped to a pair of standard trainers) so that you can record your running speed, acceleration, distance travelled and pace. Store up to 8 hours of data, transfer it to your computer and keep an eye on your progress. With the matching app, you can share results and compete with other users, motivating you to push harder next time.


2.      UP band and UP by Jawbone app 

Currently only available by mail order from the US, this band is an all-round wellbeing guru that can record everything from steps taken per day, calories burned and sleeping patterns. Each day you can pace your workout, set intensity levels, track your walking routes, get a sleep assessment and even set an alarm that will gently wake you with a silent vibration. The free app also allows you to record your meals and set fitness goals.


3.      iBike Dash Cycling Computer 

This little device is a great way to attach your phone to the handlebars during your ride. It’s perfect for keen cyclists who want constant information on their speed, time, distance, temperature and routes. Your phone is safe in a water and shock resistant case that also comes with an optional bluetooth headset for calls on the fly. The free iBike app also allows you to set up a rider profile and compete with other riders.


4.      Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

An online purchase only, this monitor works in tandem with an app to measure your heart rate accurately after your workout. Install the app, attach your phone to the monitor and then strap the monitor to your body. After your work-out, your phone will then tell you your current, average and maximum heart rate during the workout, display a heart rate chart and the distance you travelled which you can then share with other users. It’s water resistant and the lithium battery lasts for 40 hours.


5.      iGrill Grilling/Cooking Thermometer

To get the most nutrients out of your food, the temperature at which you cook is important. This wireless, battery-operated thermometer measures your food’s temperature via two probes. It’s enabled by bluetooth, includes a handy timer and links up with a free app that comes with bonus recipes.


6.      Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Just like a visit to your GP, this cuff is an on-the-go blood pressure monitor that plugs directly into your smartphone to deliver results. It will test and track your readings and back them up automatically so you can share the information directly with your GP.


7.      Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor

Wear this futuristic audio-prompted band during your workout and you can measure your wrist pulse, heart rate, calories burned and workout intensity all stored on a connecting app. Operated by battery and with a bluetooth range of up to 10 metres, it also plays music.


8.      Digifit Connect

Instead of wearing a band or monitor, you can connect this little gadget directly to your apple device as a monitor for heart health, weight and blood pressure. It connects wirelessly to sensors to collect data during your workout such as heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, pace and power. It has a 3-metre range and you can download the information to your Mac to monitor progress.


9.      WiFi Body Scale by Withings

These digital scales are great for the family, as they can record the weight, body mass index, fat and lean muscle mass for everyone, sending results via email. It weighs only 2.31kg, is battery operated and reads your measurements as soon as you step onto it.


10.    Ping Cradle

This is one for the golfing enthusiasts! If you want to perfect your swing, then download the correlating free Ping app, attach the cradle to the putter shaft and get swinging. The app measures the stroke, angle, tempo and impact using an in-built accelerometer. It will average out your details over five putts and give you a handicap, which you then aim to decrease with practice.

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