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Best doctors program

06 October, 2014

CBHS is committed to providing our members with the best possible resources for all of your health needs, which is why we are a part of the international Best Doctors program. This service is provided to all members that have CBHS’s Prestige health insurance cover. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, the Best Doctors program consists of more than 53,000 experts from over 450 different medical specialties. The program’s purpose is to provide participants with medical advice and diagnoses from the world’s leading experts in their field.

There are two components to the Best Doctors program: Ask the Expert and InterConsultation™. These two services allow you to obtain a second opinion or have a world-leading expert answer your questions about a medical condition or treatment.

Ask the Expert - This service provides members of the Best Doctors program to learn more about their medical condition and possible treatment options from a world-leading expert. The first thing that will happen is you will have a confidential discussion on the phone with Best Doctors about your query. Once this is done they will send your query to an expert in the relevant medical field, and within 5-7 days following this discussion you will be provided with a personalised and detailed report with a response to your question. Also contained in this report will be (where applicable) possible treatment options.

Interconsultation™ - This service is more in-depth and individualised than the Ask the Expert service. Initially Best Doctors will compile the patient’s medical records, test results and any medical samples. Following this an internal doctor will create a clinical summary, and a medical expert in the relevant field that is a participant of the Best Doctors program will provide a detailed report and recommendations on the diagnosis and treatment options. Also, this report can be shared with the patient’s doctor if requested. InterConsultation™ is designed to give you more confidence about your diagnosis and treatment plan so that you’re better informed to make decisions.

If you are currently a member of CBHS and have our Prestige health insurance cover, you are already eligible to use the internationally-renowned Best Doctors program. You can contact them directly on1800 830 082.

If you don’t have our Prestige cover but are interested in upgrading your current policy so that you can gain access to this amazing service, contact our Member Care today on 1300 654 123 and one of our friendly staff members will help you.

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