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CBHS women in management

06 October, 2014

Here at CBHS we believe in making the workplace somewhere our employees are happy and comfortable. To achieve this, we have created a flexible working environment that allows our employees the opportunity to tailor their work-life to suit their personal-life.

Recently, we asked three women in management positions at CBHS – Christine Wong, Megan Coombs and Sharon Ford - a series of questions regarding their position in the company, their working environment and how they find their role is supported by other employees and by CBHS as an employer.

Christine Wong is the People and Culture Coordinator at CBHS, and she is a Human Resources specialist. Part of her role involves liaising with the team leaders, enforcing company personnel policies and running performance reviews with other employees. She has been a part of the CBHS employee family for the past 14 years, and in that time has worked in both the marketing department and the HR department.

CBHS supported Christine during her studies, and thanks to their financial and emotional support she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management during her time at university. As well as this, in the last 14 years she has become the proud mother of two children and through every stage of her pregnancy, maternity leave and new life as a mother CBHS has been flexible and understanding of her evolving workplace needs.

Megan Coombs is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CBHS, and in this role she is responsible for all operating functions of the health fund, from document management to claims management and also overviewing the Member Service Centre. Megan has a degree in financial administration, and is currently qualified as a Certified Practising Accountant. Sharon Ford is the Member Care Manager at CBHS, and she is responsible for the Member Service Centre, which takes all inbound calls from CBHS members, as well as monitoring all correspondence and related data. Sharon has a Diploma in Human Resources and qualifications in customer relations, and is committed to making the Member Service Centre a place that all employees are happy to be.

When asked about how supported by CBHS they feel as a woman in a management position, all three women responded that they feel secure and confident in their role and with their fellow employees. CBHS has adopted the approach that because everybody’s life is different, there isn’t the need for a specific policy to address any and all possible situations that could arise in an employee’s personal life. For this reason, their core focus is on providing their worker’s with the flexibility for them to achieve their ideal work-life balance. For example, when Christine had her children they gave her a new part-time role that was tailored to suit her, and this role has evolved as her needs have changed. In the Member Service Centre, Sharon has implemented a policy for her staff that allows them to accrue Flexidays, so that if they wish to take 30 minutes less on their lunch break, or work overtime for an hour for a few days, they ‘earn’ hours which can then be accrued to allow them to take a personal day without taking it from their annual leave.

Christine, Sharon and Megan all stated that they felt as though the importance of family is both respected and upheld as a core company value, and as around 75% of the approximately 120 employees at CBHS are women, this is an ideal workplace for family-oriented workers. And most tellingly, when these women were asked what they would change about their working environment if they could, all three of them stated that there was nothing they would change. As COO Megan Coombs stated, “We do what we can to practice what we preach”.


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