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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

06 October, 2014

A new year, full of new opportunities. January 1st always seems to be the time that people choose to make big changes or long-overdue adjustments to their lifestyles. But as the New Year gradually becomes just another year, it’s far too easy to let your well-meaning resolutions splutter and die. So how can you keep your resolutions and make them real changes in your life in the long term?

It’s your conscious mind that is responsible for formulating your resolutions, as it is this sphere that governs the logic and rationale under which you operate. You know consciously that giving up sugar or starting running is a healthy, positive decision. Unfortunately, your conscious mind isn’t the only one running the show.

Your subconscious mind is where your habits are rooted. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be habits and you wouldn’t have any trouble giving them up. Your subconscious mind is programmed through repetition and works on autopilot. This is why you may find yourself automatically reaching for that piece of chocolate or glass of wine after a hard day. The only way to reprogram your subconscious is through repetition of the habits you want to form. This can take a long time, and is not easy. However, if you can reprogram your resolutions into your subconscious, this means that you will eventually carry them out habitually and automatically.

This is no simple task, but there are a few techniques you can use in order to better carry out your resolutions. Start by figuring out what to focus on. If you make what you’re giving up the focus of your resolution, it will be a whole lot easier to lose motivation. This is because your goals will be clouded over with feelings of deprivation, rather than the positives that will be garnered in the long term. Try focusing instead on what you want to gain from your New Year’s resolutions, rather than what you will have to sacrifice.

Employing a buddy system is also a great way to stay accountable. Just knowing that someone else will be checking in on you may be enough to get you over the next hurdle – and vice versa. Remember that just a text or call from a friend can work wonders.

If your resolutions are health-related, there are many health, fitness and wellbeing apps available for your smartphone these days. Technology is an integral part of everyday life, and using it as a means of staying on top of your health goals is just another way of effectively managing your lifestyle.

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