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You can now get Benefit Quotes online

06 October, 2014

CBHS are pleased to introduce our newly launched online Benefit Quote feature for our members.

The process is quick and easy, and may help you to get more out of your membership. Try the new online Benefit Quote feature today. To get started, simply login and click on the Claims tab in the menu.

Benefit Quote

The Benefit Quote tool allows you to submit a quote for a range of Extras services and receive an estimated benefit based on your level of cover and previous claims history.

All you need is:

  • Name of the person on the membership who is receiving the service/product.
  • Service description or item number.
  • Fee Charged - either Itemised or as a Bulk Fee (Note: eClaiming Fee limit does not apply for quotes).
  • Tooth Number – required for selected dental services only.

Limits Check

You can also find out online what your Limit balance is for the current year with the Extras Limits Check feature. This way, you can know how much Limit you have left that you could claim before the end of the year. 

CBHS strives to deliver simple and fast claiming, including easy access to your membership Benefit and Limit information. Use our online member services centre to save time and money.




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