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Eye Safety with Contact Lenses

09 October, 2014

Millions of people wear contact lenses on a daily basis. However, environmental factors and poor hygiene can lead to serious eye problems for people who rely on contact lenses to correct vision.

Contact lenses are usually safe and convenient, but users should follow the correct procedures to ensure proper hygiene and eye care.

Handling contact lenses

Hands can transfer germs on to the contact lenses and the eyes. Always thoroughly wash hands with soap and dry hands with a lint-free towel before handling contact lenses.

As a general rule, minimise unnecessary contact and handle contact lenses only when necessary.

Cleaning and storing contact lenses

Follow the optometrist’s and the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storing lenses, and ensure you use the correct type of solution for cleaning and storage. Depending on the type of contact lenses, rubbing and rinsing may be necessary for effective cleaning.

Cases should be discarded and replaced regularly (at least once every three months), and they should to be cleaned between each use. Cracked and damaged cases should be discarded.

Fresh solution should be used with each cleaning process. Make sure the cap on the bottle is tightly closed between use, and do not allow the tip of the bottle to contact any surface. Saline solutions and tap water are not appropriate for contact lenses to be left in.

Everyday wear

Avoid coming into contact with water when wearing contacts. Remove them before entering a swimming pool or hot tubs. If the user is prone to dry eyes, the user should make sure that they use eye drops designed for contacts lenses.

Regular appointments

Eye exams are vital for maintain ongoing eye health. Contact lens wearers should have regular appointments with their eye doctor for check-ups.

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