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Get home and back on your feet faster with CBHS

09 October, 2014


At CBHS, we care for our members. Have you recently undergone hospitalisation? We wish to help you on your journey to recovery.

For this reason, our Hospital Substitute Treatment aims to provide you care from the comfort of your home and to support you getting back on your feet and recovering faster.

Features of Hospital Substitute Treatment:

• Free to all members who have Hospital and Package cover for over a year
• Treatment by a private nurse, physiotherapist and occupational therapist 
• From the comfort of your own home
• Is an appropriate alternative to treatment you’ll receive in hospital under your hospital cover  
• Home based care may also include services such as meals and domestic help

Our renowned Hospital Substitute Treatment partners include: 

Each of our Hospital Substitute Treatment partners have personal Care Coordinators who are experienced physiotherapists, nurses or occupational therapists who will co-ordinate your care after consulting with your treating doctor and hospital on your behalf.
For more information or to see if you qualify for Hospital Substitute Treatment email Karen our Health & Wellness Consultant to arrange a referral for your clinical assessment.


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