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Health management programs help you take control and manage your health

09 October, 2014

At CBHS we are committed to your health and wellbeing

We offer wellness benefits that includes discounts on weight management programs, gym membership, pilates, yoga and loads more provided you have a health management programs as recommended by your GP or recognised provider.
Health management programs, are designed to help you take control and improve your health and wellbeing by reducing your risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or even stroke.
If you have a condition like obesity, osteoporosis, post-surgery rehab and have yet to receive a health management program from your GP, arrange for one to be created for you.
If you already are on a health management program, CBHS will pay benefits toward your expenses of your gym memberships, personal trainers, pilates and yoga sessions as part of your wellness benefits included in your cover.
Wellness benefits also include weight management programs such as:

1. Fernwood - Slimplicity Weight Management Program
2. Jenny Craig consultations
3. Weight Watchers
4. BodyTrim 
5. Michelle Bridges 12WBT 
All programs, including weight management programs listed under Health Management have specific criteria when claiming your benefits.  For more information on claiming criteria, please consult our product brochure. 
For claiming against your wellness benefits, you will firstly need to complete a Health Management Program Authorisation form and submit your claim via any of the following methods:
Post: CBHS Health Fund, Locked Bag 5014 Parramatta NSW 2124.
Fax:  02 9843 7676                                     

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