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09 October, 2014

An unexpected diagnosis can be scary - for you and your family, we understand how difficult the mounding information can be to interpret and rationalise under the circumstances of your illness.

Helping your family on a journey to wellness is our most important purpose. Our CBHS Prestige Cover offers you immediate access to the highly acclaimed Best Doctors service.

Best Doctors is a FREE international program for our CBHS Prestige Members, representing over 53,000 leading medical specialists who have been nominated by their peers and are available in assisting you obtain the right advice about your illness, injury or medical condition.

The Best Doctors program is designed to complement and collaborate with the care you already receive from your local GP and/or specialists; where you want a full diagnostic review of your case by a leading specialist for a critical condition or to asking simple medical questions of another Australian GP. 

Let us access this amazing service and upgrade to CBHS Prestige email us your details at

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