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The benefits of CBHS over other private health insurers

18 November, 2014

CBHS is a not-for-profit health fund that exists for its members. An exclusive fund, it is available to current as well as former employees, contractors and franchisees of the Commonwealth Bank Group and their family members.

Here are some of the reasons why CBHS is superior to private health insurers.


CBHS operates as a not-for-profit organisation. As such, its strategy is to benefit its members and not the bottom line.

Established History

The CBHS has been in operation for more than 60 years. With its established history of providing health insurance cover to over 80,000 Australian households, its members can have full confidence in the ability of the CBHS to continue operating to provide their members with quality services.

Low Costs and Affordability

The Australian private health insurance industry is currently subject to strict rules about discriminating when it comes to membership. Private health insurance premiums are expensive because they are unable to charge lower premiums from healthy people. The result is that less than half the population has private health insurance.

CBHS works hard to keep management and operating costs low

In FY2012, CBHS returned 92.8c in the dollar to member benefits, compared to an average of 85c across other health funds.*

Its management costs are currently around half the industry average, which allows the fund to deliver more benefits back to its members at a lower cost. As such, individuals looking to upgrade to comprehensive hospital cover can find that it is much more affordability with CBHS than they first believed.


CBHS is accessible via a user-friendly website on which members can manage their accounts. Members can review the progress of claims, look for service providers and update their membership details.

Easy Claiming

CBHS offers a streamlined and easy claims process for members. It is possible to claim on the spot from certain service providers. Other claims can be submitted online or submitted via fax, post or email. CBHS pays benefits within five days of receipt of the Extras cover claim.

Private Hospital Agreements

CBHS has agreements with private hospitals around the country, which means that in most cases members can use the private hospital of their choice and be covered.

High Satisfaction

CBHS’s members are satisfied or highly satisfied with their membership. In 2012 we were awarded the Roy Morgan Research title of Private Health Insurer of the Year. Undoubtedly this is linked to the low-cost of membership and the variety of cover available, including preventative services such as breast examinations and dental check-ups for members


*Source: PHIAC data FY2012

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