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CBHS on the ground in WA

24 November, 2014

CBHS has been supporting the health & well-being of CBA Group staff and their families since 1951, and we are now the eighth largest fund in Australia caring for over 83,289 members. We have dedicated Area Representatives throughout Australia who regularly attend events run by or in conjunction with Commonwealth Bank, Bankwest, CommSec, Count Group etc.

Our newest business development activities are taking place in Western Australia.

We first started visiting branches & stores in WA in mid-2009 and now have a permanent Area Representative based in Perth assisting membership growth and our 1500 members in this state.

Amanda works closely with the Commonwealth Bank & Bankwest, attending conferences, supporting banking initiatives and encouraging better health outcomes within the workplace by cross promotion with the wellness calendar such as Workplace Massage and Yoga. CBHS Health Fund is a proud attendee and supporter of the 2014 Bankwest National Conference – Fitter, Healthier & Stronger retail bank and a range of other exciting events.

Key events:

  • Bankwest National Conference – Fitter, Healthier & Stronger Retail Bank
  • CBA & Bankwest New Recruit Induction Days – Special Offer
  • CBA & RBA Retired Officers Association
  • Bankwest Place CBHS Breakfast
  • Bankwest Hack Day
  • Stress Down Day

Since November 2013, Amanda has been touring Western Australia visiting the retail staff from Clarkson and Ocean Keys to Mandurah & Bunbury. She has visited 160 workplaces and watch this space if you work in Kalgoorlie, Amanda is on her way.

Would you like Amanda to conduct a comprehensive Product & Price comparison? Contact Amanda on her mobile: 0448 014 061 or email:

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