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Member interview with Juanita

24 November, 2014

Whether your hospital stay is planned (scheduled hip, knee or ankle surgery) or unexpected (emergency admission), CBHS has a program to support you and get you home sooner. OurRehabilitation in the Home (RITH) program brings your healthcare team to your home, so you get back on your feet in your own way, while receiving the best care you can in the comfort of your own home!

CBHS members of all ages with the appropriate level of cover can benefit from RITH programs. With the consent of your hospital medical team, you can leave hospital earlier and continue your recovery by receiving the care you need at home.

Through our trusted healthcare delivery partners you will receive specialised treatment from health professionals including Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Home care support services such as meals and domestic help are available if you qualify.

Juanita’s story

This month we are delighted to share with you Juanita’s story of recovery from a total hip replacement. A CBHS member for over 40 years, we asked Juanita the following questions:

How did you find out about RITH? 

I received a call from CBHS because the hospital had informed them that I was having a hip replacement. They told me I was eligible for Rehabilitation in the Home.

How was your stay in hospital and the transition from discharge to RITH? I did have a small complication unrelated to the hip operation and spent two days in ICU but was discharged in two days.  I found the RITH service excellent. The Physiotherapist that came to see me was wonderful.

What kind of exercises did they show you? 

The Physio educated me on how to strengthen the muscle I would need to support my hip. She had a clear program that enabled me to walk independently within six weeks without assistance from an aide. The surgeon saw me and told me that I didn’t need to use any aides either.

We have anecdotal evidence that tells us that members are recovering quicker in their own homes. We think this is because they start to potter around sooner rather than sitting in a hospital bed awaiting their next physio session. What do you think? 

Yes that’s exactly right. That’s what I believe is a big help. I believe you are in your own environment and you can do things when you want to do things. You don’t have to get in the car to travel to the physio and then have to come back home. It was really excellent.

What are the results and how do you feel now?

The results are fantastic. I feel great.

Ready to run a marathon? 

*laughs* Oh yes… I went to the local shopping centre and walked about 2kms. That was so good because that’s my exercise!

Did you have an anterior or posterior hip replacement (did they go in from the front of your leg or from the back)?

From the back.

The posterior procedures can be difficult to recover from as they have to cut through the muscle. Yes, that’s exactly right and that’s why the physio gave me the exercises she did, to help strengthen the muscles again.

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