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Mental Illness and how we can support you

10 February, 2015
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Mental Illness impacts approximately 20% of Australia’s population each year. Members who experience a mental illness and are admitted to hospital for an acute episode often find the experience overwhelming and stressful, for both themselves and their carers.

The CBHS Health and Wellness team are able to help and assist during these difficult times. While members are able to contact us directly at any time, our dedicated team contacts members after they have recently been discharged to offer them the support via our free Mental Health Program provided by HSS (Home Support Services). This program assists members by providing support during and after specialist’s treatment. The clinicians attempt to construct a therapeutic relationship to complement their current treatment. The case manager liaises with the members treating clinician to build a management plan that promotes beneficial engagement between the member and the provider.

Recently our Clinical Health Manager Sam spoke with Charlie (pseudonym), a 23 year old female who has recently completed the CBHS Mental Health Program.

Mental illness can be a difficult topic to discuss and not everyone has the strength or capacity to share their experience; however we were encouraged by listening to Charlie’s story and learning about the success she has had from the program.

When Sam spoke with Charlie she provided us with an outline of her history.

“I grew up in a pretty chaotic home, my parents were alcoholics and I was exposed to domestic violence from a young age. I started to have really bad issues when I was about 11 and have been in and out of hospitals since then. It’s been a pretty rough life but I’m still here and getting stronger by the day.”

When asked how Charlie heard about the CBHS Mental Health Program, she described a phone call received from Wendy three days after her discharge.

“I was a bit sus at first about the whole idea of the program, but Wendy took the time to answer all my questions about it and after discussions with my family and my Psychologist, I decided to participate.”

It was great to hear that Charlie agreed to take this step to help improve her life.

When Sam asked her about her experience with Emily (pseudonym) from HSS, Charlie response was reassuring.

“She was very pleasant and very professional. She discussed with me my history and what my management plan entailed. I have several different management plans over the years, but this one was different.”

 When asked what was different this time Charlie explained “I feel I have learned a lot more coping skills than I have done in the past, I’m not as depressed and don’t go back to my old behaviours as much as I did before…which is a start”.

We are so pleased to hear this kind of feedback, knowing she was able to use the skills provided to her.

When we asked Charlie if she would recommend our Mental Health Program, she was very happy to recommend it.

“Most definitely I would encourage them to do so! Look, I know that this is a hard topic to discuss, but it has to be discussed. People need help. They need understanding. What I would say to other members is to have a go with the program no matter how hard it is to accept help. I am very grateful to CBHS and HSS with the service they provide and I hope other members get the chance to experience how valuable the service is.”

To learn more about how the CBHS Health and Wellness team can help yourself or a family member, email or to check you are on the right level of cover contact our Member Care on 1300 654 123.

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What Our Members Think

I joined as a CBHS member in 1978. Through many health events and challenges CBHS has always been there for me and my family. Their exceptional service over this time has always been appreciated.

- Jenny J

What Our Members Think

I've not long joined CBHS from another fund, but so far I've been impressed by the super helpful and friendly staff, the higher claim limits and rebates at a very competitive premium, and how easy it is to lodge manual claims through the app. Thanks CBHS - you've won me over! 😃

- Jessica B

What Our Members Think

What I love about CBHS is their customer service - friendly staff and always ready to help and email you the information you ask about. Keep up the great work!!!

- Linda S

What Our Members Think

I love CBHS as its so so easy to lodge a claim and whenever i need a question answered friendly consultant is one phone call away. The phone back option instead of waiting is brilliant!

- Rachel N

What Our Members Think

I have been with CBHS since I began at CBA 15 years ago...Now I have three beautiful children, one who has a disability. Our top extras cover has been really essential for his early intervention. I do love the ease of claiming online.

- Annette E

What Our Members Think

I am relatively new to CBHS and am loving it already. I worked for a CBA subsidiary a long time ago but was still eligible to join. So much better that the for-profit funds - our premium is only a little more and we pay a lower co-contribution and get great benefits. I am loving the massage rebate for my partner and gym rebate for me!

- David G

What Our Members Think

I'm extremely happy with CBHS! I have been a customer for about six years. I think the price is reasonable. And i would refer you to my family and friends any day. Thank you CBHS!!!

- Karen W

What Our Members Think

Love CBHS as I never have to doubt that they've got my back when I need it. Been through other insurers who have limited options or limits, yet cost the same or more.

- Mark F