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International Nurses Day

13 May, 2015

Each year, 12 May is the date designated to celebrate the hard work of nurses all around the world.

In 1974, the International Council of Nurses declared 12 May as International Nurses Day, celebrating the birthday anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. 

CBHS Health Fund would like to thank all the amazing nurses around the world for all the hard work they have put into the Healthcare Industry and most of all the care they provide to patients.

We are proud to have a resident nurse in our midst, Samuel Loveday. Sam is currentlySamual Loveday RN the Clinical Health Manager at CBHS and manages the Wellness programs we provide. Sam injects his 16 years of knowledge as a registered nurse into these programs offering helpful information on subjects such as Mental Health.

We sat down with Sam to find out more about what life was like as a registered nurse…

What made you choose nursing as a career?

I immigrated to Australia in 1995 after an eight year stint in the American Military where I had served as a Fireman. I was always interested in helping people and when I came to Australia I decided to change career directions and became a Registered Nurse.

How has your training prepared you for a nursing career?

I was an Assistant in nursing during my time as a university student. This was a very humble role. It taught me to really appreciate the health one currently has in their lives because it could be taken away in an instant. The University training only gives future nurses a glimpse of what is required in a Nursing Career. I now look upon my past training as my “L” plates! It is a very steep learning curve (cliff!) once you’ve completed your University degree and it’s a process of continuous education for the rest of your career.

What do you do to keep current with medical findings and practices?

Research, research, research! Medical technologies and treatments are advancing at great speed. I spend a great deal of time researching the above by analysing the latest Journals, websites, newsfeeds, email alerts and various other sources from the Public and Private Health sectors in Australia and abroad. I also attend Industry Conferences and Workshops. 

How do you handle stress on the job?

Humour!!! You will find that Nurses and indeed most Health/Emergency Services (for examples Police, Fire, Paramedic and Rescue) have a matter of fact and wicked sense of humour! If you’ve been invited to a dinner party with these amazing people, leave your modesty at the door and be prepared to hear stories that you think could only be written for television! 

What do you find difficult about being a nurse?

There are issues that bother me such as the lack of funding of health services; however that pales in comparison to what I and my colleagues have seen, heard, felt and smelt. We have seen things no general member of the public ever will. We have consoled and comforted patients and what I still find that affects me the most (and what probably will for the rest of my life) is the pause, look of disbelief, then sudden realisation and crying when you’ve told a family member that their loved one has died.

What do you find most rewarding about being a nurse?

The most rewarding part about being a nurse (and at the same time, most scary!) is the fact that most of the people in my life (friends, relatives, and patients alike) have a deep respect for my knowledge and depend on my advice. It is a rewarding and sacred thing to be able to guide someone through a medical crisis and be the support that they lean on, whether they are patient or family member. Being able to help another person is a priceless reward.

Thank you Sam for taking the time to sit with us today and we applaud you for the continuous effort you contribute to health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Sam about our Wellness programs, you can contact him directly at or call 1300 654 123.

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