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NSW Health Announces Infection Control Breaches in some Sydney Dental Surgeries

09 July, 2015

Following recent reported breaches in infection control at several Sydney dental practices, CBHS has taken steps to ensure that dentists associated with The Gentle Dentist practices are no longer a part of our Dental Choice Network.

NSW Health is contacting anyone who visited these practices and deemed to be at risk as a result of services received. CBHS is deferring to their expertise in this matter.  Other than publically available information on the NSW Health website, CBHS has been unable to obtain any information to assist members regarding their potential exposure to blood borne viruses.

NSW Health has established a public information line to assist patients of any of The Gentle Dentist practices who may have questions on 1800 610 344.

The NSW Health website states:

'NSW Health is recommending that patients who have had invasive dental procedures at four private Sydney clinics over the past several years see their GP for testing for blood-borne viruses. 

The advice follows a Dental Council of NSW and NSW Health investigation of the clinics, which has identified multiple infection control breaches have likely occurred over an extended period.  

The four surgeries are The Gentle Dentist, located in both Campsie and the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), and Dr Robert Craige Starkenburg's clinics at Bondi Junction and Surry Hills.

To date, there have been no cases of blood borne virus infection identified that are known to be associated with any of these dental practices.

Invasive procedures are those that involve penetration of the gums with instruments that may not have been properly sterilised between patients.'

© Copyright - New South Wales Ministry of Health for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales

Please refer to the NSW Health website for further information on this matter.  

Infection Control Breaches in Sydney Dental Practices 
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