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Speedy recovery converts surgeon to Rehab in the Home

21 April, 2017
Rehab in home, recovery

Ruby (pseudonym) is a 76 year old CBHS member who has been living on her own since her husband died seven years ago. She is very independent and continues to do the thing she loves most which is gardening. Ruby recently underwent bilateral hip replacements; this meant two hip operations that were only four months apart.

Ruby was out of hospital within two days and received Rehab in the Home as part of her recovery journey. CBHS’ Clinical Health Manager, Samuel Loveday talks to Ruby about her experience.

When asked by Samuel why she had her hips replaced, Ruby described “the pain was becoming unbearable. I love gardening and despite many years of pain caused by my osteoarthritis in my hips, I still got out there every day and did what I love most. I was waking up in the morning with pain and no matter how much medication I was on, it just wasn't working. That's when I decided to get the operations”.

Ruby first found out about Rehab in the Home when she received an email from the CBHS Health and Wellness team describing the service and explaining how it works. Ruby took this email with her to visit her surgeon and they discussed the possibility of Ruby receiving rehabilitation at home.

Ruby’s surgeons’ main concern was the fact that she lived on her own. After Ruby spoke to Rehability, she was reassured that all her needs would be met, “the surgeon on the other hand, was worried and had advised that I shouldn't go ahead with it because I lived alone”.

Before the operation, Ruby received a call from one of the coordinators and they discussed “what my home situation was like. After that it was decided that they would give me the normal physiotherapy, someone to come in and help me shower, someone to help clean up around the house and all my meals were provided to me, just like in the hospital”.

When asked how the first operation went, Ruby said “first of all, I hate hospitals. The last time I was in a hospital (before my hip operation) was the night my husband passed away. I don't even visit friends but I send flowers and most of my friends understand that I won't go. I was reluctantly admitted in the morning and the operation was that the afternoon. I was discharged two days later”.

“All the staff that came to my home were lovely, and very professional. What I did like is that they showed me how to do exercises with things I have in my home like chairs. It is true what one of your Health and Wellness consultants Wendy said: When you are at home you tend to get up and potter around more than if you were in hospital and I think that helped the whole rehabilitation process”.

Ruby’s operation was anterior meaning the surgeon performed the surgery from the front of the leg. More and more surgeons are performing this type of surgery because there is less muscle to cut through and then muscles are spread apart to get to the hip joint itself.

At her follow-up appointment with the surgeon Ruby explained “he was pretty sceptical about the whole process but changed his mind when he assessed me and was impressed with the speed of recovery”.

When asked if she would recommend Rehab in the Home to other CBHS members Ruby replied “most definitely! This service has to be one of the best services that CBHS offers. I recommend CBHS to all my friends and I am most grateful for this service that has allowed me to have such a complete recovery in such a short time span”.

To enquire about Rehab in the Home for yourself, or a family member, please email our Health and Wellness team at

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