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Results of CBHS' 2017 Annual General Meeting

02 November, 2017
Annual General Meeting Results 2017

Dear members,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CBHS was held at 9am Thursday 2nd November 2017.

The CBHS Board and Management wish to take this opportunity to thank those members who attended the AGM or lodged a Proxy Vote and to advise members of the results of the AGM.

Director Election

In accordance with clause 5.6(a) of the Constitution, the election of Mr John Matthews, Mr Jay MacGregor and Mr Adrian Hondros as Directors was announced at the AGM.

Annual General Meeting Resolution

This year CBHS had one resolution requiring member approval - to approve the Director Deed of Access, Insurance and Indemnity.

I can confirm that this resolution was unanimously passed on a show of hands at the meeting. In support of the show of hands, the proxy votes received are outlined below.


Number of Votes

% of Valid Votes














Should you have any questions regarding the AGM, please contact me via our Member Care team on 1300 654 123 or email at


Megan Coombs
Group Company Secretary 


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