• Podiatry

    What is Podiatric Surgery?

    Podiatric surgery is the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related lower extremity structures by accredited and qualified specialist podiatrists.
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    3 November 2017
  • Annual General Meeting Results 2017
    Annual General Meeting Results 2017

    Results of CBHS' 2017 Annual General Meeting

    This year CBHS had one resolution requiring member approval - to approve the Director Deed of Access, Insurance and Indemnity - the results are included within.
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    1 November 2017
  • Couple on couch with tablet
    Couple on couch with tablet

    Private Health Insurance Reform Package - What It Means For You

    The Government has just announced a Private Health Insurance Reform Package - here's what it means for you.
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    13 October 2017
  • Mental health
    Mental health

    Private health insurance for mental health – are you covered?

    CBHS is here for your mental health and wellness - find out how we're able to support our members.
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    2 October 2017
  • feet-can4can

    CBHS is proud to be collaborating with CBA’s CAN4CANCER

    CBHS is excited to be partnering with CBA on CAN4CANCER to raise much-needed funds to support ground-breaking research into the cure and treatment of cancer.
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    29 September 2017
  • CBHS Choice Awards
    CBHS Choice Awards

    CBHS has two CHOICE® recommendations for 2017

    In 2017 CBHS has achieved a CHOICE® recommendation for our Comprehensive Hospital and Top Extras products.
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    27 September 2017
  • Ambulance cover
    Ambulance cover

    Member Insider - Understanding Ambulance Cover

    Here's everything you need to know about Ambulance cover and why you should ensure you're protected.
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    6 September 2017
  • Healthshare

    Member Insider: CBHS partners with Healthshare

    CBHS is pleased to launch a new partnership with Healthshare, the provider of a digital health platform, to provide members with important tools to help in selecting a care provider.
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    31 July 2017
  • CBHS Tax Statement Guide
    CBHS Tax Statement Guide

    This is how easy it is to read your CBHS tax statement

    It's tax season! Our easy, how-to-understand guide answers all of your questions on the why's what's and how's of your CBHS taxt statement.
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    21 July 2017
  • Lifetime Health Cover (LHC)
    Lifetime Health Cover (LHC)

    Member Insider - Understanding Lifetime Health Cover

    We answer your questions about how Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) affects you, and how you can avoid paying extra on your health insurance.
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    31 May 2017
  • Best value health insurance
    Best value health insurance

    Member Insider: How do I get the best value out of my Health Insurance?

    Here's everything you need to consider when looking at the value of your health insurance.
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    23 May 2017
  • Private patient
    Private patient

    Member Insider - Your rights as a Private Patient

    Ever wondered what your rights are as a privately covered patient? Find the answers you need in our first Member Insider!
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    17 May 2017
  • Student Dependent
    Student Dependent

    Renewing the status of your student dependant

    Renew the status of your Student Dependant by 1st March 2017 to ensure they don't lose their health coverage.
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    17 May 2017
  • Diabetes

    Diabetes action program

    If you suffer from Type 2 diabetes, it’s important that you manage it appropriately. Sometimes you need help to do this, which is when tailored Chronic Disease Management Programs can really help.
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    17 May 2017
  • Melanoma

    Member stories - My journey through melanoma

    A retired CBA officer and CBHS member tells the experience of fighting melanoma and how cbhs helped him to go through the difficult journey.
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    17 May 2017
  • Best doctor
    Best doctor

    Member stories - A case of the Best Doctors program

    Warren had been suffering from back and hip pain for years. And he is now free of pain and walking well again after the treatments recommended by the Best Doctors program.
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    17 May 2017