• CBHS Rate Rise

    CBHS Group records one of the lowest average rate increases of all private health insurers in 2018, for the second year in a row

    CBHS Group are proud to have one of the lowest average rate rises increase across the PHI industry in 2018, second-year running.
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    25 January 2018
  • CBHS Rate Review 2018

    2018 Rate Review FAQ

    FAQs for Rate Review 2018.
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    25 January 2018
  • Active Kids

    Active Kids Program | A NSW Government Initiative

    Active Kids Program initiative from the NSW Government.
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    24 January 2018
  • CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

    Could the Total Wellbeing Diet help you achieve your ideal weight?

    CBHS members are eligible for a discount on CSRIO's Total Wellbeing Diet - you can achieve your ideal healthy weight in just 12 weeks!
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    17 January 2018
  • Student Dependent

    Renewing the status of your Student Dependant

    Renew the status of your Student Dependant by 1st March 2017 to ensure they don't lose their health coverage.
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    10 January 2018
  • Podiatry

    What is Podiatric Surgery?

    Podiatric surgery is the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related lower extremity structures by accredited and qualified specialist podiatrists.
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    3 November 2017
  • Annual General Meeting Results 2017

    Results of CBHS' 2017 Annual General Meeting

    This year CBHS had one resolution requiring member approval - to approve the Director Deed of Access, Insurance and Indemnity - the results are included within.
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    1 November 2017
  • Couple on couch with tablet

    Private Health Insurance Reform Package - What It Means For You

    The Government has just announced a Private Health Insurance Reform Package - here's what it means for you.
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    13 October 2017
  • Mental health

    Private health insurance for mental health – are you covered?

    CBHS is here for your mental health and wellness - find out how we're able to support our members.
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    2 October 2017
  • feet-can4can

    CBHS is proud to be collaborating with CBA’s CAN4CANCER

    CBHS is excited to be partnering with CBA on CAN4CANCER to raise much-needed funds to support ground-breaking research into the cure and treatment of cancer.
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    29 September 2017
  • CBHS Choice Awards

    CBHS has two CHOICE® recommendations for 2017

    In 2017 CBHS has achieved a CHOICE® recommendation for our Comprehensive Hospital and Top Extras products.
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    27 September 2017
  • Ambulance cover

    Member Insider - Understanding Ambulance Cover

    Here's everything you need to know about Ambulance cover and why you should ensure you're protected.
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    6 September 2017
  • Healthshare

    Member Insider: CBHS partners with Healthshare

    CBHS is pleased to launch a new partnership with Healthshare, the provider of a digital health platform, to provide members with important tools to help in selecting a care provider.
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    31 July 2017
  • CBHS Tax Statement Guide

    This is how easy it is to read your CBHS tax statement

    It's tax season! Our easy, how-to-understand guide answers all of your questions on the why's what's and how's of your CBHS taxt statement.
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    21 July 2017
  • Lifetime Health Cover (LHC)

    Member Insider - Understanding Lifetime Health Cover

    We answer your questions about how Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) affects you, and how you can avoid paying extra on your health insurance.
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    31 May 2017
  • Best value health insurance

    Member Insider: How do I get the best value out of my Health Insurance?

    Here's everything you need to consider when looking at the value of your health insurance.
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    23 May 2017