• Can4Cancer

    We’re back this year to help fight cancer with CommBank

    Who’s pumped for us to continue the fight for a tomorrow free from cancer. Yep, we’re back again in 2019, as the exclusive Wellbeing Partner for Commonwealth Bank’s Can4Cancer initiative.
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    13 June 2019
  • Woman with Luxottica brands eyewear

    More choice for members as OPSM joins the CBHS Choice Network

    Luxottica brands, OPSM and Laubman & Pank, are now available for our members with Extras cover to access as part of CBHS Choice Network. That means looking after your eye health and keeping your style on point is now even easier!
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    20 May 2019
  • Woman doing Pilates

    What now for natural therapies?

    Did the Government’s decision to remove benefits for certain natural therapies impact you? Read on to find out why they’ve been removed, what’s still available and other potential options which could help you save money.
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    6 May 2019
  • Higher Excess options

    What to consider when choosing your excess or co-payment

    You’ll often see the terms ‘excess’ and ‘co-payment’ when researching Hospital cover. What do they mean and how can they lower the cost of your cover?
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    8 April 2019

  • PHI rate increase

    From 1 April 2019, Minister approves average premium increase of 3.67% for CBHS

    On 19 December 2018, the Australian Government approved health insurance premium increases for all private health funds.
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    19 December 2018
  • Couple checking their cover

    Are you ready for the Private Health Insurance Reforms?

    There are some big changes coming to the world of private health insurance (PHI) – how it works, what you’re covered for, and updates to your protection under new legislation.
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    15 November 2018
  • Woman using the CBHS app

    Here’s what you need to know about your waiting periods

    A health insurance waiting period is the initial phase of your membership, during which no benefit is payable for certain procedures or services. Waiting periods can also apply to any additional benefits gained when you change your policy.
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    27 July 2018
  • Piggy bank with stethoscope

    Finding out the cost of your hospital treatment

    Before you have any treatment, you have a right to know how much it will cost and what you’ll need to pay. This is known as informed financial consent.
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    28 May 2018
  • Active Kids

    What is the NSW Active Kids Program and how can you apply?

    Find out if you’re eligible for a $100 voucher to help with the costs of your child’s exercise activities.
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    24 January 2018
  • Best value health insurance

    Member Insider: How do I get the best value out of my Health Insurance?

    Here's everything you need to consider when looking at the value of your health insurance.
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    23 May 2017
  • Diabetes

    Diabetes action program

    If you suffer from Type 2 diabetes, it’s important that you manage it appropriately. Sometimes you need help to do this, which is when tailored Chronic Disease Management Programs can really help.
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    17 May 2017
  • Best doctor

    Member stories - A case of the Best Doctors program

    Warren had been suffering from back and hip pain for years. And he is now free of pain and walking well again after the treatments recommended by the Best Doctors program.
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    17 May 2017
  • Member story - Hospital care at home

    CBHS provides members the option to receive medical treatment in their home when approved by their doctor as being clinically appropriate. A 71 year old CBHS member speaks to us after undergoing a bone graft on how the Hospital Care at Home service has helped her, especially since she lives alone.
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    20 April 2017
  • Rehab in home, recovery

    Speedy recovery converts surgeon to Rehab in the Home

    A 76 year old CBHS member, Ruby, recently underwent bilateral hip replacements. She was out of hospital within two days and received Rehab in the Home as part of her recovery journey. CBHS’ Clinical Health Manager, Samuel Loveday talks to Ruby about her experience.
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    20 April 2017
  • Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH)

    Member story – Rehabilitation in your own home

    Recently, one of our Health and Wellness experts, Karen, spoke with 75 year old CBHS member Dorothy* who has recently had a bi-lateral knee replacement...
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    20 April 2017

    Understanding the role of a GP

    Understand the role of a GP and how to find one near you.
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    18 August 2016