• Healthcare costs

    Tips for keeping your healthcare costs down

    Between treatment, medication, rehabilitation, therapy and transport to and from appointments, taking care of yourself has never been more expensive. The country as a whole (including spending by governments, individuals and non-government sources such as private healthcare insurers) spends more than $140 billion a year on health.
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    23 September 2016

    What to look for when choosing a GP

    Finding a reputable GP who you feel comfortable with is an important part of looking after your health, and keeping track of any chronic conditions you might have. In addition to having the right technical skills, your GP is a trusted advisor who you should be able to communicate complex or sensit
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    18 August 2016
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    Why every Australian should consider Private Health Insurance

    For Australians wanting more control over their health care, private health insurance is of extreme importance. Private health insurance
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    21 July 2016
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    Easy. Efficient. eClaims.

    If you like getting paid quickly (don’t we all!), and sorting things out conveniently on your computer or phone, you’ll love our online eClaims system.
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    7 April 2016
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    Your Claims Cost team is working for you

    It is estimated that millions of dollars are lost each year within the Private Health sector through fraud and inappropriate claiming.
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    10 March 2016
  • Member Owned Fund

    Why Choose a Member-Owned Fund?

    The cost of health care in Australia is increasing. We take a look at the benefits of joining a member-owned health fund.
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    13 July 2015
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    NSW Health Announces Infection Control Breaches in some Sydney Dental Surgeries

    NSW Health is recommending that patients who have had invasive dental procedures
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    8 July 2015
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    The importance of a Chronic Disease Management Program

    If you have a vascular health issue then it’s recommended that you receive regular help and support through a Chronic Disease Management Plan. We explain why here.
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    13 May 2015
  • CBHS Online Claiming

    Online Claiming Options | CBHS Health Fund

    We’ve just launched our new eClaims system enabling you to claim more services online, faster and easier than ever before. Find out more today.
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    13 May 2015
  • Access Gap Cover

    Access Gap Cover: What you need to know

    By taking advantage of the Access Gap Cover (AGC) scheme, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on out-of-pocket expenses when receiving medical treatment. Here’s how the AGC works.
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    13 April 2015
  • cancer detection, cure, research

    Magnetic nanoparticles: Unique properties and medical applications

    Have you ever heard of magnetic nanoparticles? If you haven’t, then it’s probably time you did. These amazing particles may be responsible for cancer detection and a cure.
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    10 February 2015
  • CBHS Wellness programs

    Many carers of people with mental health issues are unaware of the other resources available to assist them with the care of a loved one. CBHS offers various health and wellness programs to support members live a healthier and happier life.
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    24 November 2014
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    Private health insurance: Covering your out-of-pocket expenses

    You may have heard the term ‘out-of-pocket expenses’ before, but do you know what it means? And more importantly, how can you avoid them? We’ve got everything you need to know here.
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    24 November 2014
  • Having a dental or physiotherapy check-up at midnight?

    With over 200 ‘suspicious’ claims over the last year at CBHS, how can you help prevent misuse of your CBHS membership card?
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    24 November 2014
  • CBHS Health Funds performance FY14

    CBHS has been successful for a long time. Read about our FY14 results here and how we are meeting challenges head-on.
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    24 November 2014
  • CBHS on the ground in WA

    CBHS has been supporting the health & well-being of CBA Group staff and their families since 1951. Our newest business development activities are taking place in Western Australia. Since November 2013, Amanda has been touring Western Australia visiting the retail staff from Clarkson and Ocean Keys to Mandurah & Bunbury. She has visited 160 workplaces and watch this space if you work in Kalgoorlie, Amanda is on her way.
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    24 November 2014