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Bowel health expo

Join the Health Hubs at our Bowel health expo this month! Walk through a giant bowel, test your cholesterol and glucose levels, get a massage, pedal for a smoothie, learn the bowel cancer signs and find out ‘what is your poo telling you?’

15th & 16th June - The Foundry
22nd & 23rd June - CBP North

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What is the Health Hub?

Health Hubs are a joint initiative between CBHS and CommBank (CBA) to help improve the health and wellbeing of CBA employees. They represent the commitment both organisations have to the health, wellbeing and happiness of their employees and the broader CBA community.

The Health Hubs provide time-poor CBA employees, contractors and visitors with a convenient on-site location to check, understand, monitor and improve their health through a wellbeing hub design that delivers.

Meet our team


Chantal Collins


I truly believe that a strong foundation of nutrition through food is the key to maintaining health and balance within the body. I’m very passionate about simplifying what healthy eating looks like with each individual, myth busting the “one diet fits all approach” and inspiring young families to pop a few more veggies on their plate.

Tip: Focus on getting five serves of fresh veggies on your plate every day. When you focus on filling your plate with the good stuff, you crowd out less healthy foods for more healthful ones.

Tamara Pecer

Exercise Scientist

I am passionate about and proud to promote the importance of living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle. I love exercise and being active because not only does it make you feel great physically, it also positively impacts your emotional and mental health, being a very underutilised antidepressant. I find joy in sharing this passion and educating those around me.

Tip: Our body is constantly working hard to keep you alive and function optimally. Its time you show your body some love in return. Find an activity that you enjoy and change your mindset from “I have to/should exercise today”, to “I want to move my body in a way it wants and deserves to be moved”.


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