Mental health

CBHS can support you in obtaining medical advice on the diagnosis, treatment and management of mental health issues.

According to the World Health Organisation, good health is a combination of physical, social and mental wellbeing. Mental health, in particular, can have a dramatic impact on other facets of health. CBHS offers members valuable preventative and disease management advice through information channels such as this website. We also provide members of the CBHS family with support for mental health with generous benefits for a wide range of health management and Extras services. 

Types of mental health conditions

Mental health conditions encompass a wide range of symptoms, behaviours and emotions. Along with depression, those with a mental health condition can experience anxiety, distress, sadness, and emotional and behavioural problems. Symptoms can range from bizarre thinking, hallucinations and changing moods to impairment in self-care, agitation, thoughts of self-harm and high-risk behaviour.

Some studies have shown that as many as one in five people experience mental health problems that are severe enough to require clinical attention.

Risks associated with mental health conditions

Having a mental health condition can be very disruptive to your life and work. It can impact motivation and interest in life, and it can have a detrimental effect on your relationships and family life.

How we can help

CBHS can support you in obtaining medical advice on the diagnosis, treatment and management of your mental health condition through the provision of generous benefits in our great value health packages.

(i) Doctors and mental health specialists

There are different health professionals who can assist you with understanding and treating or managing your mental health condition.

  • GP - Seeing your GP is the best starting point to managing your mental health condition. Your GP may ask if you wish to participate in a Mental Health Treatment Plan. In many cases you will need to have a referral letter from your GP to see a specialist about your mental health condition. Your general practitioner can help you with referring you to a specialist. Your GP can also check whether your mental health condition is related to a physical issue.
  • Psychiatrist - Psychiatrists are specialists who are qualified to diagnosis and treat or prevent mental and emotional conditions. A psychiatrist might help you through psychotherapy sessions as well as prescription medicines. Medicare rebates are available for psychiatric treatment. If you receive psychiatric treatment during a hospital stay, you could be eligible for benefits for this treatment depending on your level of cover.
  • Psychologist - Psychologists assist patients with emotional problems, behavioural problems and other thinking problems. They can assist with everything from sleeping and eating disorders to post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. If you have a referral letter for your psychologist, you might be able to claim rebates from Medicare. CBHS provides members with Extras or packaged cover with generous benefits for clinical psychology services.
  • Psychotherapist or counsellor - Counsellors generally assist patients with specific issues while psychotherapists help with long-term problems. They can help with emotional and mental health problems. You won’t need to have a referral letter to see a psychotherapist or counsellor, and if he or she has a Medicare provider number, you will be covered by Medicare.

These professionals can assist you with diagnosis, continuing care, rehabilitation and/or management if the situation is non-urgent. However, please note that in emergency situations concerning mental health issues; please call 000 to contact emergency services for immediate help.

(ii) Health Management Programs

Additionally, CBHS members with Extras or packaged cover can access extra benefits for services such as stress management programs, yoga and Pilates. CBHS recognises that staying active and learning to manage stress can improve mental health, which contributes to overall health and quality of life.

Useful links and resources

These links and resources may be of assistance for those who are suffering from a mental condition or those who would like to know more about giving support to a partner or family member with a mental condition.


Information for carers of people with mental health conditions

CBHS Health Fund recognises that Mental Health conditions impact not only the member with the illness, but also the carers and loved ones that support these members.

You may suddenly become a carer without expecting it or imagining it would happen. It is a very difficult and emotional challenge. You may often feel as if you are alone in dealing with Mental Health conditions – but you’re not. At CBHS Health Fund, we may be able to provide assistance or guidance to help you develop skills to navigate this difficult journey.

Useful links and resources for carers

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how CBHS Health Fund can support you in the diagnosis, treatment or management of mental health conditions. Our friendly team is ready to discuss any of your questions about Mental Health and you can contact us by calling the Health & Wellness Team on 02 9843 7616 or emailing us at