Support Groups

CBHS recognises that health is about your physical, mental and social well-being. If you have a health condition, joining a support group could be beneficial and rewarding.

A support group can put you in touch with others with similar conditions and give you access to useful information and news about your condition.

Here we have a list of established support groups and online communities for conditions ranging from alcoholism to depression and mental illness, as well as general wellbeing areas such as dental care and chiropractic care.

Click on a title below for the support group's details.

  • Alcoholism

    Alcoholics Anonymous

    Alcoholics Anonymous is a support group for those with problems with alcohol. This free support group has a long history of helping those who may be dependent on alcohol, unable to control their drinking habit or are worried about the impact of their drinking on their lives. As the website states, the ‘only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking’. The group is based around meetings and a 12-step recovery program. The organisation also offers resources to health professionals who support or treat those with alcohol problems.

  • Allergies

    Anaphylaxis Australia

    Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia is a not for profit organisation with 20 years of history in promoting greater awareness of allergies. The organisation shares information, conducts research, educates, and provides guidance and support.


    Phone: 1300 728 000

    Allergynet Australia

    Allergynet Australia is a web-based resource featuring useful articles on allergies written by specialist doctor and allergy expert John Weiner. On the site you can find articles on topics such as eczema and hay fever.


    Phone: (03) 9866 1790

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

    Alzheimer's Australia

    Alzheimer’s Australia provides support to those who are experiencing memory loss, dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease, as well as those who have family or friends who have been diagnosed with these conditions or symptoms. The site features fact sheets, a comprehensive library and contact details for its offices across Australia. The organisation also provides counselling services, support groups, educational campaigns and activities and special programs.


  • Arthritis

    Arthritis Australia

    Arthritis Australia is a non-profit organisation focused on research, education and support for arthritis sufferers and carers. It has a central website with information booklets and reports, and the organisation also has dedicated state and territory branches.


  • Asthma

    National Asthma Council

    The National Asthma Council supports those with asthma and asthma professionals with information, guidance on asthma tools and community initiatives for education. The organisation is also concerned with educating asthma sufferers and professionals about standards for asthma management to improve the quality of life of those with asthma.


    Asthma Foundation of Australia  

    Established in the 1960s, the Asthma Foundation of Australia (also known as Asthma Australia) offers resources, training and support to health care professionals and asthma sufferers. The organisation also funds research in the area.

  • Cancer

    Cancer Council Australia

    The Cancer Council of Australia has more than 50 years of history. It provides a broad range of services, including prevention efforts, education, patient support, fundraising and advocacy. The Cancer Council Helpline, for example, offers free and confidential advice for patients. 


  • Children’s Health

    Australian Association for the Welfare of Child Health

    The Australian Association for the Welfare of Child Health is a non-profit organisation formed by parents, professionals and community members. Its main purpose is to advocate for the best possible healthcare for children and young people. Its website contains a wealth of information on healthcare for children.



    Redkite is a non-profit organisation that supports children, teenagers and young adults with cancer. The organisation provides financial assistance, educational programs and emotional support.


  • Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic Association of Australia

    The Chiropractic Association of Australia is the peak body representing the profession in Australia, with eight state and territory associations. The Association offers public education and membership communication, among other things.


  • Dental Care

    Australian Dental Association      

    The Australian Dental Association’s chief goal is to improve the oral and general health of the community, by promoting high standards in the profession and by supporting members (dental professionals) in the provision of high quality dental care. The website offers useful information for the community, including the latest research in the field.

  • Depression

    Beyond Blue

    Beyond Blue is a non-profit organisation that provides support services, informational resources and community opportunities for those with anxiety and depression. The organisation offers a 24-hour support hotline, email support and online chat options for those with depression.


  • Diabetes

    Diabetes Australia

    Diabetes Australia has 30 years of history in assisting people with diabetes. The association also supports professionals and research groups with treatment and prevention. Its website contains useful information and contact details for its state and territory offices. 


    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

    The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the largest charitable support of Type 1 Diabetes research in the world. Founded by volunteers, the JDRF supports research through funding, advises policy direction and promotes community awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. The JDRF runs a number of events and its website has useful news and information on Type 1 Diabetes.


  • Eczema

    Eczema Association of Australasia

    The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) has been in operation for 20 years, and they support their members by providing useful information on treating and managing eczema. The EAA educates the community about eczema, and it aims to raise public awareness of the condition and supports specialised research in the field.


  • Eye Care

    Optometrists Association Australia

    Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) is the peak body for the optometry profession in Australia. While it is a professional body, the OAA shares vital information about eye health standards and eye health with the general public through its website.


  • First Aid

    St. John Ambulance

    St. John Ambulance is a non-government, charitable organisation focused on assisting people who are sick, suffering or in danger. The organisation provides first-aid training, products and services to the wider community. It also assists during disasters and provides community care services for those who need it such as the elderly and immobile.


  • Hearing Loss

    Hearing and Balance Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital    

    The Hearing and Balance Centre has a team of audiology professionals who conduct clinic work. The Centre also has a number of community programs, including educational and informational talks and demonstrations and the Hearing Awareness Week Open Day.


    Better Hearing Australia Inc.        

    Better Hearing Australia Inc., is an Australian consumer association for those who have hearing loss. As a not-for-profit organisation, this organisation supports the community with information and events.

    Contact: is a Belgium-based organisation dedicated to providing useful information and news to those with hearing loss. The website features the latest news along with useful online hearing tools designed to test hearing loss. 


  • Heart Conditions

    National Heart Foundation           

    The goal of the National Heart Foundation is to reduce premature deaths from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease in Australia. Through donations, the Foundation funds public initiatives, education programs and other efforts to raise awareness of heart-related diseases.


    Heart Support Australia

    Heart Support Australia supports those who have heart disease through education and information, peer support and self-help management programs. It has branches throughout the country and works with health professionals to improve the quality of life of Australians with heart conditions.


  • Help and Support Lines


    Lifeline is a national charity that provides 24-hour access to those who need crisis support and suicide-prevention services. Volunteers assist people with anxiety, stress and more. Other than the crisis line, the organisation offers a support chat system through its website, a resource centre and a program of community events and services.


    Relationships Australia     

    Relationships Australia provides a range of services to communities, individuals and families. These services include mediation, counselling, family dispute relationship and children’s contact services. The organisation is funded by the Australian government.


    National Domestic Violence Counselling Service

    This domestic violence hotline is run by Lifeline, a leading crisis support organisation. This dedicated hotline is for those who are experiencing domestic violence and need advice.

    Phone: 1800 200 526

    National Association for Loss and Grief 

    The National Association for Loss and Grief has membership for professionals as well as individuals in the community who need advice on loss and grief. There are online resources, funded counselling services and support groups and telephone counselling services.



    Victim Support Australia

    Victim Support Australia provides victims of violence with guidance, resources for seeking redress or legal assistance and contacts for seeking medical help. The website contains links to local offices and contacts.


  • Men’s Health

    Men’s Wellbeing

    This is an organisation dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for men and providing guidance for men on developing relationships, families and communities. The organisation coordinates a number of conferences and events for members.


    Men's Health Information and Resource Centre                     

    The Men's Health Information and Resource Centre is run by the University of Western Sydney and offers an online portal with a variety of useful resources for men’s health. The Centre runs public events to promote awareness of men’s health issues and conducts research programs.


  • Mental Illness

    SANE Australia

    SANE Australia is an award-winning charity that serves Australians with mental illness. The organisation conducts campaigns to boost awareness and funds education and research. It also has a helpline for supporting those with mental illness.


    The Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Inc       

    The Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Inc works to improve awareness of schizophrenia, reduce stigma and improve access to information and services for those with mental illnesses. The organisation also acts as an advocate for patients and families.


  • Physiotherapy Care

    Australian Physiotherapy Association

    This professional association provides continuing education for physiotherapists. The website offers information for consumers who want to know more about service standards.


  • Poisoning

    Poisons Information Centre         

    The Poisons Information Centre provides quality information on the treatment and management of human poisoning. Both the general public and health care professions use the hotline for assistance. 


  • Quadriplegia

    Australian Quadriplegic Association      

    The Australian Quadriplegic Association supports those with quadriplegia in a number of ways. It provides useful advice on accommodation and care services, peer support, and information and education.


  • Travel Health

    Healthinsite  Sydney

    Healthinsite is an information service operated by Healthdirect Australia. The service is dedicated to informing and educating Australians for better health. While the site isn’t confined to travel health, it offers valuable information on the area.



    Smartraveller is the Australian Government’s travel advisory site. It offers useful, up-to-date information on potential health issues for travellers, particularly on specific countries and regions.


  • Women’s Health

    SIDS and Kids

    SIDS and Kids funds research, conducts informational and educational campaigns and runs advocacy efforts for families that have been affected by SIDS. The organisation also provides bereavement support to families.


    Australian Breastfeeding Association

    The Australian Breastfeeding Association provides breastfeeding support to mothers in the form of information. It also develops high-quality training and informational resources to promote awareness.


    Australian Women's Health Network

    The Australian Women’s Health Network conducts educational campaigns to promote awareness of women’s health issues. It acts as an umbrella organisation for state and territory organisations in the women’s health field.      


    The Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne

    Along with treatment and health services, the Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne conducts fundraising activities and promotes greater awareness of women’s health through the information on its website and education campaigns.


    Jean Hailes for Women’s Health            

    Jean Hailes is a foundation that promotes better health services for women through education, clinical services and research. The foundation has medical centres, runs health events and has a comprehensive website with valuable information on women’s health issues.