Wellbeing and fitness

CBHS aims to promote members’ health and wellbeing, and hopes to possibly lower the costs of any future medical treatments.

Wellbeing and fitness 

CBHS aims to promote members’ health and wellbeing, and hopes to possibly lower the costs of any future medical treatments by assisting member’s access to disease, health and lifestyle management services. Our focus on supporting members in a healthy lifestyle and in disease prevention and management reflects our pledge to provide exceptional member care. 

As a member-focused insurer, we provide a comprehensive selection of health and wellbeing tools and services designed to suit people of all ages and lifestyles. These tools and services are available at no additional charge for eligible members. Our wellbeing and fitness tools include the following:

wellbeing and fitness

CBHS members with Prestige cover are eligible to use the Best Doctors service. Founded in 1989 by doctors of Harvard Medical School, Best Doctors gives you the opportunity to access a pool of 53,000 medical experts for your questions on diagnosis and treatment in over 450 areas of specialisation. These experts are voted by peers as the leading practitioners in their fields, so that when they have given their advice you can proceed with the nominated treatment plan or make a medical decision with full confidence.

There are two main services available under the Best Doctors program:

  • InterConsultation™ - Have an expert review your diagnosis and treatment plan in depth.
  • Ask the Expert - Obtain answers to specific questions about your health, diagnosis or treatment plan.

You can find out more about our Best Doctors service here

Eligibility: All CBHS members with Prestige cover.

CBHS members have access to affordable premiums, the highest contribution ratios in the industry and great value arrangements such as the CBHS Choice Network. The CBHS Choice Network is a group of health providers who have an agreement with CBHS to reduce or eliminate the gap on specified dental and optical goods and services.

  • Dental Choice Network - You can have a fully covered oral check-up, scale and clean and fluoride treatment by visiting one of the hundreds of providers in CBHS’s Dental Choice Network. You can find out more about the selected preventative dental services or view the providers here
  • Optical Choice Network - You can buy new frames and lenses from an Optical Choice Network provider and have the costs covered by our generous benefits. Review the selected optical services and the full list of providers here.

Eligibility: All CBHS members with Extras cover.

CDMP programs

Chronic Disease Management Programs

CBHS recognises that chronic diseases do have a significant impact on the quality of life of its members. CBHS assists by providing  valuable preventative and disease management programs  to members who may benefit from it.  These chronic disease management programs (CDMPs),  promote education and wellbeing among members who have a chronic disease or who are at risk of developing a chronic disease.

Some common chronic diseases targeted by our CDMP include coronary artery disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Through careful management of these conditions, patients can enjoy better health, improved quality of life, reduced hospital admissions  and longer life expectancy. The full list of our CDMPs are as follows:

  • Diabetes Action Program
  • Mental Health Program
  • Healthy Heart Program
  • Bone Health Program
  • Risk Factor Management Program
  • Integrated Care Program
  • Heart Failure Program
  • Vascular Health Program
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Program

CBHS works with specialist clinical providers such as Registered Nurses,  physiotherapists,  occupational therapists or Mental Health Nurses to deliver these phone-based self-management programs. Our CDMPs focus on education to help members make better decisions about lifestyle and disease management. They cover everything from early symptom recognition to future health goals. You can find out more about our CDMP’s by visiting this page.

Member discounts

Hospital substitute treatment

If you have a hospital stay, you may be able to receive some of your recovery therapy and other medical treatment at home. CBHS’s hospital substitute treatment (HST) program allows members to access services from Registered Nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists or Mental Health Nurses while recovering in the comfort and privacy of home.

The member’s doctor must approve the HST as being clinically appropriate. Dependent on individual assessment members may also be able to access home-based care services, including domestic help or meals. You can find out more about CBHS’s HST by visiting this page.

Eligibility: Any member who has a hospital or package cover and the medical services to be provided are an appropriate substitute for the hospital treatment that would be fully covered under the member’s cover.

Member discounts

CBHS has established member-only discount offers with a number of health providers. Members are eligible for discounts with a number of leading providers including OPSM, Laubman & Pank, Fitness First, SpecSavers and more. Discounts are available for new memberships, optical items such as frames and contact lenses and much more. You can find out about the current discounts available to members here.

Eligibility: CBHS Membership or a specified level of cover such as Extras cover. 

CBHS members with extras or package cover are eligible for generous benefits on health checks and health management services. These are part of CBHS’s promise to deliver great value while supporting members in achieving wellbeing and fitness.

  • Health Checks - Health checks include breast exams, bone density tests, skin cancer screening, bowel/prostate cancer screening and eye screenings. 
  • Health Management - Health management programs that are covered include quit smoking programs, weight management programs, stress management programs, yoga, Pilates and gym memberships/personal training. 
Eligibility: CBHS Extras or package cover.

Have a question for us?

Our wellbeing and health services are just one of the many ways we are providing outstanding value to members. If you have a question about our wellbeing and fitness programs and tools, please feel free to contact our friendly team on 1300 654 123.