Hospital contracts

CBHS has partnered with various health care providers and hospitals to offer our 230,000+ members and member’s dependants outstanding value and lower out-of-pocket expenses.

CBHS’s hospital contracts: How CBHS selects and procures hospitals

Health insurance can be complicated, but our hospital contracts are designed to provide transparency and certainty for members.

CBHS has worked carefully to develop agreements with most private and day hospitals in Australia. We focus on private hospitals that are most likely to be used by our members. The general scope of CBHS’s hospital contracts is to establish a fixed schedule of fees for common items, which include theatre, special unit accommodation and in-patient accommodation fees.

These fees are covered by CBHS for the member, and the level of coverage can vary depending on the member’s level of cover, type of cover, and other factors. If you choose a non-agreement hospital for receiving treatment, you might need to pay out-of-pocket expenses even if you have a very comprehensive level of cover.

Advantages of hospital agreements for CBHS members

There are various reasons why members should choose a hospital that has an agreement with CBHS.

Certainty and planning

Choosing an agreement hospital means you will know exactly what will be covered well in advance of your hospital stay. Members can plan the costs of their stay more effectively, as they will know which services will be covered by entitled benefits. Generally, members can claim benefits for accommodation, theatre and labour ward fees, intensive care and coronary care fees, subject to their level of cover.

Lower out-of-pocket expenses

Choosing an agreement hospital means lower or no out-of-pocket expenses for you and your family (with the exception of any applicable co-payments). For example, restricted benefits usually apply when you are at a non-agreement hospital, regardless of your level of cover. Members with comprehensive hospital cover can access benefits for private hospital services such as major eye surgery, joint replacement, cardiothoracic surgery and much more when they choose an agreement private hospital (or day surgery).

Hospital types

Your choice of a public, non-agreement private or agreement private hospital will affect your out-of-pocket expenses. Your level of cover will also have an impact on your costs.

Public hospitals

CBHS members receiving treatment in a public hospital as an admitted patient can claim benefits for items such as private room accommodation, shared room accommodation and intensive care. Members with basic hospital are eligible for minimum benefits for private rooms and benefits for accommodation in a shared room in a public hospital. Note that if you choose a public hospital, it is possible that you will be placed on a waiting list even if you are admitted as a private patient.

Private hospitals

Benefits for costs in non-agreement private hospitals may be similar to those in a public hospital. A range of benefits for agreement private hospitals and public hospitals are available to members with limited or comprehensive cover. These include accommodation for private or shared rooms, theatre and labour ward fees in private hospitals (not including restricted services), Access Gap Cover, medical expenses, pharmacy and much more.

Search for a hospital

You can find an agreement hospital located close to you by using the search tool below. 

*Note: While CBHS endeavours to ensure the agreement hospital database is as up to date as reasonably possible, members should be aware that there will be instances where search results will list hospitals that may not be renewed by CBHS for a contract in the near future. This reflects the fact that we are constantly reviewing our hospital agreements to guarantee our members exceptional value and member care services.

More information

If you would like more information about our hospital contracts, please feel free to contact us directly on1300 654 123 or by sending an email to If you are due to receive treatment in hospital, we recommend that you contact us to confirm your entitled benefits well before you are due to be admitted.