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CBHS Health Fund is a restricted not for profit fund.
That means only current and former employees of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group and their eligible families can join.


CBHS Health Fund - Eligibility rules

CBHS Health Fund is a restricted fund. We are exclusively for current and former employees, contractors, and franchisees of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group (CBA Group), their partners and family members - including dependant and non-dependant children, siblings, parents and grandchildren.

Eligibility to join CBHS Health Fund has been defined in the Australian Private Health Insurance Act - Registration rules. These registration rules outline who can be considered as a primary member and which family members can also join.


You could be eligible

In the past, CBA employees were asked to leave CBHS Health Fund when they resigned from the CBA group. We changed these rules in the 1980s, and from 2007 both you and your eligible family can join CBHS as a member. That's right! Even if you left CBHS in the past and you do not currently work with the CBA Group, you are still very welcome to re-join.

The CBA Group includes: the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, CommSec, Comminsure, Colonial First State, the State Bank of Victoria, Bankwest, and any other subsidiary of the CBA Group. For the purposes of eligibility, employees include permanent, casual, part time, contractors, and fixed term appointments. 

For example, if you were once contracted via EDS (now HP) and provided services to the CBA Group, you are still eligible to join.

If you are ever unclear, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help you assess whether or not you're eligible to join.

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Eligibility FAQs

Q: My father worked at the CBA Group over 30 years ago but I don't know his staff number. What can I do?
A: As part of the joining process, you are asked to provide details on how you are eligible, and to confirm that this information is correct. Providing a staff number is a useful method to prove eligibility, but it is not a necessary requirement to join.

Q: If my sister left the CBA Group 5 years ago, can I still join?
A: Yes, siblings of former employees of the CBA Group are eligible to join CBHS. Your sister does not need to be still employed for you to be eligible to join.

Q: If my brother-in-law works at the CBA Group, can I still join?
A: Unfortunately, if your only connection to the CBA Group is through your in laws, you are ineligible to join CBHS. 

Q: I used to work at Accenture and I was working at the CBA offices on a consulting basis, am I eligible?
A; Yes, you are eligible. If you provided contractual services for a period of time to the CBA Group you could be eligible to join. Please note: you must outline how you provided services to the CBA Group to be able to join CBHS.

Q: I am a receptionist at a Aussie franchisee, am I eligible?
A: Yes, Aussie is a subsidiary of the CBA Group. Aussie franchisees of the CBA Group are also included in the eligible criteria. If you were an employee of an Aussie franchisee you could be eligible to join CBHS. Please note, you must outline how you provided services to the CBA Group to join CBHS.

Q: About 20 years ago, I used to work for Legal & General. Legal & General was acquired by Colonial First State and does not exist. Can I still join?
A: Yes, there were several acquisitions and subsidiaries that were purchased by the CBA Group or it's subsidiaries. As long as the acquisition was once considered as a subsidiary of the CBA Group (as per the Corporations Act) you can join.

Q: Can my partner join CBHS if we are not married?
A: If your partner is considered a de facto, they are eligible to join. They can join under their own policy or you can join as a couple or family.

Q: What happens if my partner or spouse and I separate?
A: Once eligible, you remain eligible for life. For example, if your former partner was a CBA employee, you would be eligible to join CBHS. On request, we can also limit or lock access to your partner's claims history to ensure your privacy is retained.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about why you should join the CBHS family today, send us an email at help@cbhs.com.au or give our friendly Member Care team a call on 1300 654 123.