An entry level package for the young healthy singles and couples, designed to give the flexibility to use extras overall limit on service needed the most while saving money by accepting to have exclusions on hospital treatments not needed at this stage of life.

FlexiSaver package is made up of:

Hospital cover highlights

  • Cover for accident related treatments and medical emergencies including surgery for broken bones
  • Private hospital cover for some most common procedures like removal of wisdom teeth, tonsils, adenoids and appendix
  • Emergency ambulance transport – only 1 day waiting period
  • Helps save on tax by avoiding Medicare Levy Surcharge


Extra cover highlights

  • Flexibility to use the available overall limit for any of the included service (except for optical)
  • Get more than half of the provider charges back in benefits
  • Cover for selected extras including preventative dental, general dental, optical and physio
  • Per person overall limit which renews every calendar year

See below for detail

Hospital component

FlexiSaver hospital cover will cover you for:

  • Emergency ambulance transport
  • Accidents and medical emergencies after joining. 
    1. > Injury in a car accident
      > Surgery for broken bones
      > Dislocations, sprains or strains
      > Torn muscles/ligaments
      > Spinal surgery due to an accident
  • Investigation, repair or reconstruction of bones and tissues of a knee, hip or shoulder
  • Removal of wisdom teeth, tonsils, adenoids, appendix

For the above included services you will be covered in a private or public hospital for:

  • Accommodation for overnight, same day and intensive care for private or shared room in agreement private and public hospitals
  • Medical expenses for services while admitted in hospital e.g. fees from doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, pathology, imaging etc. Covered for services eligible for benefits from Medicare up to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee. Members have their choice of doctor/surgeon in a public and private hospital. CBHS will cover the difference between the Medicare benefit and the MBS fee for services provided as an admitted patient to a hospital
  • Access Gap Cover is where a provider chooses to participate under an arrangement with the fund. CBHS covers up to 100% of an agreed amount in excess of the MBS fee which reduces or eliminates your out-of-pocket medical expenses (i.e. surgeons, anaesthetists, pathology, imaging fees etc.)
  • Surgically implanted prostheses to at least the minimum benefit specified in the prosthesis list issued under Private Health Insurance legislation
  • Pharmacy covers most drugs related to the reason for your admission in agreement private hospitals
  • Boarder accommodation covers 100%, up to $160 per admission, if not included in hospital agreement
  • Emergency ambulance transport for an accident or medical emergency by approved ambulance providers

Restricted Benefits (Services) not fully covered:

The services listed below, when provided in a private hospital, are eligible for Minimum Default Benefits prescribed by private health insurance legislation. These benefits relate to hospital bed charges and are unlikely to cover the fees charged for a private hospital admission. Members may incur large out of pocket expenses for theatre fees together with the difference between the Minimum Default Benefit and the bed charge raised by the hospital.

The services listed below are also eligible for hospital benefits in a public hospital at a shared room rate. Public hospitals do not raise charges for theatre use.

RESTRICTED-R Rehabilitation services

RESTRICTED-R Psychiatric services

RESTRICTED-R Palliative care services


Extras component

Description Waiting period Per service benefit Overall limit Benefit period

Preventative dental
(e.g. oral examinations, x-ray, scale and clean, mouthguards)

2 month 55% of the cost of service $700 (sublimit of $150 for optical) Calendar Year
General dental
(e.g. fillings, extractions or surgical dental)
(e.g. frames, prescription lens, contact lens)
6 month
Physiotherapy 2 month

*A benefit is not payable in respect of a service that was rendered to a Member if the services can be claimable from any other source.

Each group of services within Extras and Packages cover has an overall limit on the amount you can claim. Most limits are based on per person per calendar year, unless otherwise stated in our Extras table.

Download FlexiSaver Product Sheet
When deciding if this product is right for you, please refer to the CBHS Health Benefit Fund Rules. This information should be read carefully and retained.