CBHS recognises that every family has different requirements for health insurance, which is why we offer you choice and flexibility when it comes to protecting your family with the right cover.

Whether you’re a young family looking for comprehensive coverage or you need combined cover for older and younger members, we have the right Hospital, Extras and Package cover for you and your family. Our limits are per person only (excluding travel and accommodation) while most funds have per person and per policy limits. We cover children up to 18 and students up to 25.

Family lifestyle and health profile

Your family lifestyle and health profile is a snapshot of your current situation. It’s used to identify the cover that best matches your family’s needs and budget. Every profile has a list of recommended products to assist you with choosing cover. You can choose from these recommendations or choose your own combination of Hospital and Extras cover.

young family

1. Young family
You’re a young family, and you’re healthy and active. You’re budget conscious and want to be covered for the services and items that you use on a regular basis. You’d prefer to have coverage for just the basics. 

Consider this cover:


2. Health aware
You have older children of school age, or you’re realising that your family needs quality cover with generous benefits for popular services and items. You’re health aware and seeking cover for all the essentials (and your family is complete).

Consider this cover:

3. Quality family cover
You have a number of dependents and you’re looking to be covered for a broad range of services and items, including lifestyle and health-maintenance services.

Consider this cover:

4. Family with adult children
You and your partner are more mature, and you have older children in the household. You want cover that will protect you, your partner and your dependent children.

Consider this cover:


5. Looking for peace of mind
You’re seeking the highest level of coverage for you and your family. Only the best cover will do for you, and you want to be protected for everything from popular services to cover for unexpected events.

Consider this cover:

Have a Question for Us?

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about finding the right type of cover for your family. You can contact our team by calling 1300 654 123 or by sending an email to help@cbhs.com.au.