Single parents

CBHS offers a comprehensive range of products to best cover you and your children.

CBHS offers a comprehensive range of products to support different ages, life stages and lifestyles. Our Hospitals, Extras and Package cover options give members more choice over how they want to be covered. Use the recommendations below or mix and choose your own combination of Hospital and Extras cover for the best health cover for you and your children.

Single parent lifestyle and health profiles

As a single parent, you’re looking for ways to protect your dependents and your own health. Mix your own Hospital and Extras cover, or use these lifestyle and health profiles to take the guesswork out of choosing your cover. 

1. Young single parent
You’re young, healthy and budget conscious. You want cover for the basics for you and your dependents. You don’t want to pay for services and items that you’re less likely to need (e.g. pregnancy) and are happy to attend a public hospital.

Consider this cover:

2. Health-focused single parent
You have one or more older dependents and you’re looking for a little more than just coverage for the basics. You’re aware of the changing requirements of your growing children and you’re looking for new ways to protect your dependents.

Consider this cover:

3. Quality single parent cover
You’re looking for quality and comprehensive cover, and you need more cover for most of the health services and items you and your dependents should have. These include the essentials as well as some health prevention and management services and items.

Consider this cover:

4. Peace of mind
You are looking for the very highest level of cover for you and your family. You would like to be covered for essentials and for life’s unexpected events. You’re less concerned with budget and only the most comprehensive package will meet your requirements.

Consider these covers:

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