Waiting periods apply to those who are new to private health insurance or those who are already members of the CBHS family - or another fund - and choose to upgrade to a higher level of cover. Parts of waiting periods served within one health fund can be completed in another when a person transfers funds. If you upgrade your level of cover, waiting periods may apply to benefits not previously included within your original cover.

Hospital waiting periods

Waiting periods apply to all levels of Hospital Cover and Package Cover and are listed in the table below.

Description Period
Pre-existing conditions** 12 months
Pregnancy/Obstetrics 12 months
All other treatments ^ 2 months
Accidents* and Ambulance 1 day

All waiting periods displayed are in calendar months.

Extras waiting periods

Waiting periods apply to all levels of Extras Cover and Package Cover and are listed in the table below.

Description Period
Crowns, bridges and orthodontia 12 months
Artificial aids, healthcare appliances, oxygen and oxygen apparatus 12 months
Prescribed optical appliances 6 months
Periodontics, endodontic, facings, occlusal therapy, implants and dentures 6 months
All other services 2 months

For more information on waiting periods, please refer to the Health Benefit Fund Rules

* Accidents mean injuries inflicted as a result of unintentional, unexpected actions or events that require treatment by a registered practitioner, but excludes pregnancy.

^ Other treatments include psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care as an admitted patient in hospital

** If a member has a pre-existing condition, a waiting period of 12 months will apply before we will pay hospital or medical benefits towards any treatment for that condition.

A pre-existing condition is an ailment or illness for which the signs or symptoms were evident up to 6 months before a person becomes insured by a policy. It is the opinion of the CBHS appointed doctor that determines whether the signs or symptoms were in existence – that doctor, however, will have regard to any information provided by the member’s doctor.

Members must also wait 12 months to be covered for pre-existing conditions where they upgrade their cover.

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