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Member Insider: CBHS partners with Healthshare

31 July, 2017
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Find the right doctor for you

CBHS is pleased to launch a new partnership with Healthshare, the provider of a digital health platform, to provide members with important tools to help in selecting a care provider.

This tool will enable general practitioners (GPs) and CBHS members to search for and select the most appropriate and conveniently located specialist who have previously participated or have indicated their intention to participate in CBHS’s Access Gap Cover, as well as those who have agreed to alternative no gap arrangements.

Who is Healthshare?

Healthshare is Australia’s leading digital health platform, empowering Australians to make better health choices. It does this by connecting users with local, credible and relevant health practitioners, products and health information.

Healthshare is a way of empowering you with information about Doctors who use the Access gap programs. Through GP software programs and their website, they have an established mechanism to provide information to GP’s also.

How do I find this search?

Through Healthshare’s consumer portal,

Is there a cost for this service?

No. This is a free service to members of CBHS.

How does it work?

You can search for specialists either by name or speciality, suburb, hospital or postcode. Also, you can filter the search for specialists who use CBHS’s Access Gap Cover. When you identify the specialist, information is displayed about the specialist as well as a link to their website. Where the specialist has agreed to take urgent bookings, you can make a booking through Note: Healthshare is not a general appointment booking system.

If you need information about a specific condition, you can use to look for “Facts Sheets” that discusses that condition. You can also “ask a question” by typing a question about a health condition. Doctor(s) who are specialists will respond.

How does it help my GP?

When you visit your GP, the GP can search the Healthshare directory for a specialist to refer you to, from within the GP’s own practice management software. This includes being able to filter for specialists who participate in the CBHS Access Gap Cover. The GP can then easily complete the referral paperwork using the identified CBHS Access Gap Cover doctor.

If my Doctor appears on this search does it guarantee they will participate in the Access Gap Cover Arrangements?

  • Doctors are free to choose whether they will participate in CBHS ‘s Access Gap Cover on a patient by patient basis. This decision remains solely with the doctor.
  • If the doctor appears on this search facility, it does not automatically guarantee that the doctor will participate in CBHS’s Access Gap Cover in relation to your treatment.
  • Some doctors have arrangements at particular hospitals. Ask your doctor whether they will use CBHS’s Access Gap Cover in the hospital of your choice.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses may vary from patient to patient. Please ask your doctor if you will have anything to pay.
  • Your doctor may have never used CBHS’s Access Gap Cover in the past but may be willing to use it for you, therefore they will not currently appear in this search facility. Ask your doctor if they will participate in CBHS’s Access Gap Cover in relation to your treatment.
  • Some doctors who may not appear in this search facility may also offer services with no gap. Please check with your doctor.

What should I ask my Specialist doctor?

  • Would you treat me under CBHS’s Access Gap Cover arrangements?
  • Will I incur any personal out of pocket expenses for my treatment and if so, can you give me a written estimate of how much?
  • Will any assisting doctors also use CBHS’s Access Gap Cover?
  • Are you prepared to send the bill to my fund directly, so that they can claim my Medicare benefit on my behalf and send the payment back to you?

I can’t find my doctor?

  •  Healthshare is a list of specialists to whom GPs can refer and have agreed to be known publicly. If the specialist does not fit under this definition, then they may not appear on the list.
  • Another reason that a specialist may not appear on the list as participating in CBHS’s  Access Gap Cover, is if the matching process required by Healthshare failed to match a particular specialist.

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