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CBHS is proud to be collaborating with CBA’s CAN4CANCER

29 September, 2017
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CBHS and CBA have enjoyed a rich history of collaboration spanning 66 years. This year, CBHS is excited to be partnering with CBA on CAN4CANCER to raise much-needed funds to support ground-breaking research into the cure and treatment of cancer.

How you can make a difference

CBHS is encouraging its members, staff, families and friends to think about the small changes that can be made to help raise funds for this important cause. For example, giving up just one coffee a day, or eating a healthy meal at home instead of that takeaway, and donating the savings will help to make a significant difference.

CBHS has committed to match any donations made by our members, up to a total of $15,000.* If you’d like to give a generous donation, simply go to our page and donate today. Any support you can give is greatly appreciated.

CBHS will also donate a further $200* for every new eligible membership that joins during October. That’s on top of our current 6 weeks free offer for new members. So, if any of your family or friends are thinking of private health insurance, get in touch with CBHS today.

In addition to making a donation, and as summer approaches, we want you to be cancer smart. With an estimated 134,000 new cancer cases diagnosed in 2017, its important to get yourself checked. CBHS covers the cost of a health screen for members with Extras cover.* You can find out if you are eligible for this benefit by visiting our website.

All money raised for CAN4CANCER will go towards researching and developing treatments and cures for breast, prostate and neuroblastoma cancer and support projects to provide financial assistance and practical help to patients, families and caregivers.

Thank you for your support!