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Get a second opinion or check your treatment options with CBHS Best Doctors.

The Best Doctors service covers physical as well as mental health. If you hold Prestige (Gold) cover, you can contact Best Doctors about a wide range of medical conditions (excluding emergency services) without any additional charge.

Best Doctors

Best Doctor

Put the top medical minds to work.

Best Doctors gives you access to leading medical experts around the world, helping you to make more informed decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition. The Best Doctors team use cutting-edge technology and rigorous processes to connect people facing a health problem with experts considered top in their field.

Steve and Bernadette

A diagnosis confirmation provided peace of mind

When Steve was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he and his wife Bernadette were in shock. CBHS put the couple in touch with Best Doctors, to organise a second opinion. A sample of Steve’s tumour was sent to the USA for testing, and the couple received a complex medical report in return. Bernadette said, “It confirmed the Australian oncologist’s diagnosis precisely. Whilst bad news, it gave us the peace of mind that we were dealing with the right problem and that our medical team was correct in their diagnosis.”

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of doctors concerned about medical errors due to being overworked.


Best Doctors see changes in diagnosis in 75% of psychological and 15% of physical case reviews.


Best Doctors find conservative treatments are at least as effective as surgery in 40% of orthopaedic reviews.
Source: Best Doctors


Specialist appointments can be costly.  Depending on your level of cover, Best Doctors can offer you a second opinion on most conditions, illnesses, injuries or diseases without the need to outlay more doctors’ fees. The doctor assigned to your case will consider all possible treatment options, empowering you to make an informed decision.

If your diagnosis changes, you can then choose to proceed with appropriate treatment with a local doctor. If nothing changes, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that your condition has been thoroughly re-examined. To find out if you are eligible, please contact Member Care on 1300 654 123.


Health conditions can be complex, so the right diagnosis and treatment are vital. With access to the best possible medical advice, you can feel confident that you are making well-informed decisions about your health.

Independent specialists

The clinical team from Best Doctors is made up of independent specialists from Australia and around the world, all acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields. Best Doctors can only be voted in by their peers.


The findings of any review are confidential. They aren’t shared with CBHS or with your own doctor unless you consent to share them, although many doctors find input from Best Doctors extremely helpful. You can choose if you want to follow any treatment recommendations.

See someone local

If you prefer to see someone face to face, Best Doctors can put you in touch with two or more top-rated medical specialists.

Online answers to basic medical questions

Submit your non-urgent questions online and Best Doctors will get you a personal answer from an Australian GP within 48 hours.

Access mental health support at home

Best Doctors’ Mental Health Navigator offers fast, confidential support that you can access from your own home.

A mental health nurse will complete an intake meeting with you, then collect any relevant medical records and refer you to a psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist. They make a detailed assessment via video link then recommend follow-up treatment. The nurse guides your treatment and supports you for up to six months.

Nadia talks about how Mental Health Navigator helped her gain control over her depression and anxiety. Watch the video here.

Treatment Decision Support – a new service for orthopedic conditions

If you have a hip, shoulder, knee or back condition, Treatment Decision Support provides quick and convenient access to orthopaedic experts who will review your case. The aim is to avoid unnecessary surgeries while providing you with evidence-based advice on the best treatment plan to remove pain and give you your quality of life back.

Nadia - one real patient’s example journey

This is Nadia’s journey. Your own treatment journey might look different.

Best Doctors

No charge for members with Prestige (Gold) cover

If you hold Prestige (Gold) cover, you can contact Best Doctors about a wide range of medical conditions (excluding emergency services) without any additional charge.

If you don’t hold appropriate cover and would like to consider upgrading, contact our Member Care team on 1300 654 123. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you.


Best Doctors