Health management programs


At CBHS, we assist our members with gaining access to medical care and support to better your health and wellbeing. Our health management programs offer members value for money and ongoing support for special requirements.

Prevention and management

Our chronic disease management programs (CDMPs) are focused on the prevention and management of chronic diseases. They provide valuable preventative and disease management advice for members who have a chronic disease, such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and osteoporosis as examples.

CBHS works with clinically specialised providers to deliver these programs to members. Members can expect a focus on self-education as well as telephone-based support, and health professionals will work with members to set specific health goals and manage treatment. Members’ doctors can be kept aware and informed of the advice and actions being recommended during the member’s participation in a CDMP if required.

Benefits of CDMPs

Our CDMPs provide a number of real advantages for our members:

  • Preventing hospital admissions - Telephone-based self-management CDMPs from trained professionals enable members to manage their disease (including medications and treatment) more effectively, thereby reducing the need the hospital admissions.
  • Better quality of life - Many people are living with a chronic disease that affects their quality of life. A CDMP can minimise the impact of a disease on a patient’s life by providing information and ongoing support for working towards specific health goals. A CDMP gives you more control over your chronic disease.
  • Complementing treatment program - A CDMP is developed in consultation with the patient’s doctors, so they complement your existing treatment program.

Can I participate in a CDMP?

Members with any form of hospital cover or packaged level of cover for the length of the CDMP and who have been identified as high risk for chronic diseases may apply to participate in a CDMP.

If you have an existing chronic disease or are at high risk of developing a chronic disease, you may contact directly or, you may also be invited by CBHS to participate in a CDMP. We will contact you directly by mail, email or phone in these cases.

Members who don’t want to be contacted about participating in a CDMP can opt out by contacting us directly.

Do I have to pay extra to participate?

Our CDMPs are provided free of charge to members who have hospital or package cover. However, additional costs may be payable depending on your personalised CDMP. As an example, you might be recommended to join the gym or have a personal trainer. You would pay for the costs for these, but some of these additional costs may be partially covered by your Extras cover.

Are there waiting periods for CDMPs?

The standard hospital waiting period applies for a hospital or package policy. In most cases this is 2 months. 

Click here to download a copy of the CBHS Wellness Programs guide

To find out more about our CDMP programs or if you have an enquiry about participating in a CDMP, contact our Health & Wellness Consultants; Karen on 02 9843 7620 or Wendy on 02 9685 7567 or; our Clinical Health Manager Craig on 02 9843 7616, or simply email

Members who don’t want to be contacted about participating in a CDMP can opt out by contacting us directly at our Member Service team on 1300 654 123.