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CBHS provides you peace of mind and protection against the high costs associated with emergencies.

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We turn 70 at the beginning of 2021. Seventy years of providing the highest value health insurance will teach you a thing or two about health and loyalty. We are proud to say that after 70 years, we still exist to bring you value every day. Simply put; our loyalty is to you and your health is our priority.

If you hold any level of Hospital cover with us, you’re automatically covered for emergency ambulance transport.

If you don’t hold Hospital cover, you might want to consider an ambulance policy. Emergency ambulance services can be costly, and fees are not covered by Medicare.

Our CBHS Ambulance cover will cover you for emergency ambulance services if you are transported directly to a licensed hospital or treated at the scene during a medical emergency. This transport or treatment must be provided by a State Government ambulance service or a private ambulance service that we recognise, for example the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Cover includes transport from the scene of an accident or medical event such as a heart attack or stroke but does not include transport to or from hospital for the routine management of ongoing medical conditions or transfers between hospitals. If you’d like cover for non-emergency services, please contact your state ambulance scheme for further information.

Residents of WA holding a Hospital or package product are also eligible to claim a benefit for non-emergency ambulance transport services up to a maximum of $5,000 per person per calendar year.

Please note: Residents of QLD and TAS are covered by state based ambulance schemes.


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