Managing your health

We do everything we can to support you when you’re facing a health challenge.

If you’re facing surgery or recovering from surgery, getting back ‘on your feet’ can take time and patience. Chronic pain or chronic illness, whether that’s physical or mental, can make everyday life feel like a challenge. And we all know that losing weight can be a struggle, especially if you face other health issues at the same time.

Managing your health

We’re here to help in any way we can.

We have services and programs that are designed to support you when you’re sick or struggling, and programs that can help you better self-manage your health challenges. Many of these programs can be delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Trust us to be your partner in living healthier and happier.


Thank you so very much for your constant and reliable support over the past 12 months. You have made this intense cancer journey a lot easier and relieved my stress by knowing I could chat to caring qualified professionals.





Almost half of Australians (over 11 million or 47%) have one or more chronic conditions


Members who participate in the Digital Wellness Better Living program report a 95% satisfaction rate.


We paid 1,177 claims for Hospital Substitute Treatments in FY19


CBHS member Terry has lost 100 kilos with the Digital Wellness Better Living program.

Sources: Digital Wellness Better Living Program report 9 Jul 2020 and

Best Doctors

Get a second opinion and potential alternative treatment options for most illnesses, injuries or medical conditions (excluding emergency services) from Best Doctors. The service covers mental health support at home too. If you hold Prestige (Gold) cover, you can contact Best Doctors without any additional charge.

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Better Living

Coaching support programs to help you better understand, manage and control common chronic diseases, from asthma and arthritis to diabetes and heart disease. Better Living programs can also help members who are at risk of developing a chronic condition.

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Services at home

Home-based care designed to reduce the amount of time you spend in hospital or at appointments. Accessing care at home is more important than ever while Australia navigates its way through the current coronavirus pandemic. The more we can help you to stay at home, the faster we can help our country recover.

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CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

You get a member discount on the scientifically proven CSIRO weight loss programs that help you form healthy eating habits, lose weight and manage and maintain your weight.
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Artificial aids and healthcare aids

Artificial aids and healthcare aids can help you manage ongoing illness, support your rehab after surgery or improve conditions such as hearing loss. We can pay benefits for items you buy and items you hire.

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