Why Join CBHS?

At CBHS Health, we are driven by one simple goal. Members for life.

Everything we do centres around achieving that goal. We don’t exist for profit, or shareholders. We exist to serve you.

Why Join CBHS

Who are we?

As a not-for-profit health insurance fund, we deliver high quality policies to 230,000 members, reserved for the Commonwealth Bank community alone.

And it’s been that way since we started in 1951. That’s more than 70 years of serving our members.

Why Join CBHS?

Easy to switch

We’ll take care of cancelling your cover with your previous fund, so you don’t have to. Plus, we’ll honour any waiting periods you’ve already served so long as you switch to an equivalent level of cover.


Member discounts

Your CBHS Membership entitles you to discounts on eyewear and contact lenses from a range of optical suppliers.


CBHS Member App

With the CBHS Mobile App, your health insurance is with you anytime, anywhere.


Get better your way

Access the Best Doctors Network, Chronic Disease Management and Hospital in the Home programs.

Government incentives

Find information on Government incentives like the RebateMedicare Levy Surcharge and  Lifetime Health Cover loading.


Age-based discount

Making hospital cover more affordable for young Australians.


Member-Owned funds

We pay out more

CBHS Health Fund

We consistently pay out more benefits than larger profit-driven funds. The three largest profit-driven funds paid out an average of 84 cents in the dollar in 2018-2019.* Members Health funds paid out an average of 91 cents. We paid out 93 cents.

*Source: Members Health Fund Alliance, ‘Why our funds are different’ (Nov 2019)

We reinvest any surplus

CBHS Health Fund

Member-owned funds invest their profits back into the fund, so they have more capital to spend on creating better health benefits and providing better service to you and your family. We’re not working to profit from your health. We’re working to promote it.

Our margins are lower

CBHS Health Fund

Average margins for Member Health funds in 2018-2019 was 2.4%.* Compare that with between six and eight percent for three of the big profit-driven funds. Member Health funds operate on very slim margins, so we can afford to give more back to members.

Our members trust us

CBHS Health Fund

Research shows that Members Health funds are well respected and highly trusted. Over 87% of members say they trust their not-for-profit health fund.*

Can you join us?

If you’re a current or former CBA employee, an employee of a CBA contractor, or part of their extended families, choosing a health fund has never been easier. For better service, greater convenience, lower premiums and higher benefits, choose CBHS - the member-owned fund that works for you. Get a quick quote or give our friendly Member Care team a call on 1300 654 123.

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