The award-winning, exclusive health fund.

The award-winning, exclusive health fund.

CBHS Health Fund is not for profit, and provides members with industry-leading service and award-winning cover. 

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Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting 

CBHS wishes to advise its members that the Annual General Meeting this year will be held on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at the CBHS registered office; Level 5, 79 George Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150.

The time for the meeting together with the agenda will be distributed to members in due course.

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    The facts about hearing health in Australia

    The ability to communicate, to speak and listen to others is fundamental to participation in work, education, social activities and the community at large. A loss of hearing fundamentally changes the ability of a person to communicate and thus limits the way they are able to interact with society. This can lead to isolation and have profound social and economic consequences for both the individual and society.
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  • vitamin-d-cbhshealthfund

    What happens when you get too much Vitamin D?

    Vitamin D is very important in assisting us to maintain optimum health. Simply put, Vitamin D is generated by the body through exposing the skin to sunlight or through eating certain foods, then it is transformed by the liver into a chemical, 25(OH) D that is ready to perform its duties by:
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    Hospital in the Home for CBHS Members

    As the saying goes, there’s no place like home, and that is so true when recovering from an illness. Hospital in the Home (HITC) brings you excellent care, health management and assistance if you are eligible to be discharged from hospital early and still receive hospital grade care and support treatment or recovery/rehabilitation in your own house.
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  • early-bird-CBHS-HealthFund

    Early risers: become the early bird who catches the worm!

    Many powerful CEO’s and business leaders extoll the benefits of rising early. A few extra hours in the morning lets you prepare for the day and read the headlines, exercise, make the most of time zone differences and have a quiet time for creative thinking.
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The CBHS difference

CBHS's secure website allows claims to be processed within three days. It's a quick and easy way to get your claims processed.

In 2013, there were no disputes[1] lodged with the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman by our members. Not one. 

Our management costs are half the industry average, what we save goes back to members by way of better benefits and lower premium costs.

health advice
Our chronic disease management programs provide valuable preventative and disease management advice for our members.

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