Member owned, not-for-profit

We’re proud to be a not-for-profit health fund, driven by the needs of our members to deliver the best possible health insurance.

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Stay home, stay safe.

There's no place like home when you're feeling unwell or recovering from an illness or surgery. We know that. Services from home are also handy for those who are well, but time-poor and just can't fit in the travel time to more appointments. And of course, during COVID-19, there are times when we need to stay home for our own safety and that of others. Whatever support you need, whether it's physical or mental, we may have a home-based option for you.

Our mission is to prevent illness, promote better health and do everything we can to help you when you need us most. The health and happiness of our members is at the heart of everything we do. It’s as simple as that.

CBHS was set up with the sole aim of benefiting members. Rather than chasing profits from shareholders or overseas investors, we reinvest our profits into the fund to help develop better products for our members.

The benefits of a member-owned fund

Member owned funds are focused solely on serving their members, so they offer substantial benefits that privately-owned and profit-driven health funds just can’t match.

When you see the Members Health Fund Alliance logo, you know you’re with a fund that puts you and your family first.

  • We pay out more — We consistently pay out more benefits than larger profit-driven funds. The three largest profit-driven funds paid out an average of 84 cents in the dollar in 2018-2019.* Members Health funds paid out an average of 91 cents. We paid out 93 cents.
  • Our margins are lower - Average margins for Member Health funds in 2018-2019 was 2.4%.* Compare that with between six and eight percent for three of the big profit-driven funds. Member Health funds operate on very slim margins, so we can afford to give more back to members.
  • Our members are happier - In the latest survey conducted by the Members Health Fund Alliance, results, 96% of Members Health fund members said they were satisfied with their health fund membership, and they’re also less likely to want to switch to another fund.
  • We reinvest any surplus - Because member owned funds reinvest their profits back into the fund, they have more capital to spend on creating better health benefits and providing better service to you and your family. The health and happiness of our members is at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our members trust us - We work tirelessly on your behalf, running programs and offering services designed to help you stay well and healthy. We want to prevent illness and promote better health, and we do everything we can to keep you out of hospital. We’re not working to profit from your health. We’re working to promote it. Again, research shows that Members Health funds are well respected and highly trusted. Over 87% of members say they trust their not-for-profit health fund.*
  • This is your fund - If you’re a current or former CBA employee or contractor, you and your family could be eligible to join. Check here to see if you can join CBHS - the member-owned fund that works for you.

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To find out more, send us an email at or give our friendly Member Care team a call on 1300 654 123.

*Source: Members Health Fund Alliance, ‘Why our funds are different’ (Nov 2019)