Hospital cover

Select the Hospital cover that suits your lifestyle and situation. We’re all different!

Private hospital cover gives you the choice of where and when you’ll be treated - such as in a private hospital - and who will treat you. We pay benefits towards the cost of your treatment and you get greater flexibility over your health needs.

Hospital Cover

What is Hospital cover?

Hospital cover helps cover the costs of in-hospital medical treatment by a doctor. It also covers other hospital expenses like accommodation, prostheses and theatre fees. With hospital cover, you can choose your doctor, stay in a private room (if it’s available) and book in treatment at a time that suits you.

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How does Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic work?

Hospital insurance can be broken down into four tiers: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic. Each tier has a minimum list of Government mandated categories of hospital treatments and services that they must include for example, for a policy to be called “Gold”, it must cover all 38 categories of treatments and services.

Health funds can also choose to go above and beyond the list by including more categories in their products than the bare minimum. If so, there is the option to add a “plus” after the name of the cover, i.e. “Bronze Plus Hospital”, to show that the product includes more than the minimum.


Looking for Extras cover?

Add Extras to your Hospital cover.

Extras cover

Extras cover provides benefits towards services like dental, optical, physio, chiro and alternative therapies not usually covered by Medicare.

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Hospital & Extras cover

Hospital and Extras cover along with an array of benefits which are only available as part of our Package covers.