Proudly not-for-profit since 1951.

We turned 70 at the beginning of 2021. Seventy years of providing the highest value health insurance will teach you a thing or two about health and loyalty. We are proud to say that after more than 70 years, we still exist to bring you value every day. Simply put; our loyalty is to you and your health is our priority.

Who’s eligible?

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A current or former employee of:

the CBA Group (including current and former subsidiaries)

a CBA Group franchisee

a CBA Group contractor

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A family member of a current CBA Group employee, franchisee or contractor including:



Partner (including former partners)

Adult Children


Which companies are part of CBA Group?

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...and more, past and present

Including Colonial Limited, Colonial First State, Commonwealth Securities (CommSec), Gateway Bank, Finance Sector Union, Avanteos, ComputerFleet, Financial Wisdom, Colonial First State Property Management, Homepath, and Count Financial. And remember, you could have been a contractor serving one of these companies in the past and still be eligible to join.

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