Healthy recipes

Our recipes are all tried and tested by nutritionists and dietitians, so they’ll taste as good as they look. There’s a clear relationship between nutrition and our physical, emotional and mental health.

Eat healthy. Boost your immunity.

Prebiotics (fibres) in plant-based foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes and wholegrains can help fuel the beneficial bacteria in your gut and this can help support your immune system. Everything we consume has an impact on our bodies, yet only five percent of us eat the recommended daily amount of fruit and veg. So, here’s your chance to feed your body the kind of food it loves to eat and needs to thrive!




Sixty-seven percent of Australians are overweight or obese.


95% of Australians don’t eat the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables.

1 in 2

One in two Australians have at least one chronic health condition.


Around 1.2 million Australians reported they had diabetes in 2017-2018.

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