About women’s health

Men and women experience many of the same illnesses, although some are unique to women, such as cervical cancer and endometriosis. Women are more likely than men to experience blood and metabolic disorders, neurological conditions and musculoskeletal conditions, and the most common cancer for Australian women is breast cancer. Women are also more likely than men to seek help for health conditions, and they can expect more years in full health. The leading cause of death amongst women is dementia followed by Alzheimer’s disease.


1 in 3

The number of Australian women who consume alcohol at risky levels (more than four drinks on a single occasion).

1 in 9

The number of women who smoke has decreased from 18% in 2001. Now it is one in nine.


Almost 50% of Australian women have one or more chronic condition.


Five-year survival rates from breast cancer are 91%.