• CBHS Announcement

    CBHS Member Update regarding Gap Free Smile closure

    Queensland Health has announced that it has shut down Gap Free Smile, a dental clinic located in Carina Queensland following concerns over its infection control practices. It has been advised to remain closed until proper infection control standards are met.
    24 January 2017
  • Woman and 2017

    Use CBHS to achieve your 2017 Health Goals

    Find wellness and health success in 2017 by using your CBHS membership.
    8 January 2017
  • hearing-health-cbhs

    The facts about hearing health in Australia

    A loss of hearing can lead to isolation and have profound social and economic consequences for individuals, and society.
    16 November 2016
  • Hipster-Thumb

    Private Health Insurance and Lifetime Health Cover

    Taking out private health insurance gives individuals more health care options and covers items which are not covered by Medicare. Private health insurance offers control over your health care, offering benefits for a greater choice of services, and usually the option of choosing your own doctor.
    13 May 2016